Recovery Day

I’m still on a runner’s high from yesterday’s PDR.  Woo!

Anyway, I’m feeling the after-effects, but it’s not that bad.  My quads are a little grumbly, which is fine.  My calves felt like they were wrenched into tennis ball shaped knots last night at bedtime, but I foam rolled and iced and they’re just a little tight today.  I really want to get these Zensah Leg Sleeves that Ashley swears by to prevent shin splints and calf problems, but the $39.99 is a hard sell.  Oddly enough, my shoulders and upper back are a little sore, too.  Oh, and my buttcheeks chafed one another which is an really interesting pain to have.  Who says running isn’t glamorous?!?!

And, according to my various readers and Twitter followers, chocolate Gu is the best thing since sliced bread and tastes like shooting chocolate frosting.  I may make a trip to the running store this weekend to see if you all are bullshitting me on my next long run next week.

The mental triumph, of course, makes this all worthwhile.  It’s so much sweeter after having a crappy week of injury and illness, too.

Moving along (steps down from cloud).  Today’s orange was weird.  Every other section was good.  It was a strange feeling.  I didn’t much like it.

I had a Chocolate Coconut Larabar for an afternoon snack.

I planned to run 4 miles today, but things got a little complicated.  Tim randomly had to stay at work much later than usual, and he’s our normal dog-letter-outer.  Milhouse wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I wanted to make sure he got out of his crate at the normal time.  So, I mentally reviewed my priorities,  reminded myself that dog trumps running, and went home to let him out right after work instead of going to the gym.

How can you resist this face?

Poor guy!  He seems to be feeling better, but time will tell.

Anyway, I’m tossing around the idea of basically adding today’s missed 4 miles to tomorrow’s 4 miles and doing another long, 8 mile run tomorrow evening.  Realistically, I won’t run Saturday since I have to work, and I’d prefer not to skip mileage if I can avoid it.  Of course, if I get into it and my body says it’s not going to happen, I’ll stop, but it sounds like a fun challenge!

What do you think?  Skip it, add it, or don’t care?


9 Responses

  1. Honestly, I would stick with 4 miles. I only run 3 days/week, and actually prefer to have 2 full recovery (no running) days after a long run before I run again. I think as long as you build up the length of your long run, the length & number of in-between runs isn’t that important, as long as you’re getting some running in. The most important thing is to listen to your body – it didn’t read the training plan!

    Make sure you put some body glide on that chafing. Yee-ouch!!

  2. I would say to just skip it and do your 4 miles tomorrow. It’s ok to miss a workout. Missing one workout won’t affect your progress. Plus, you’re right. Who can resist that face?! lol soooo cute

  3. PS never had that butt chaffing before….interesting…and sounds like it feels weird…ouch

  4. I would stick to your planned four miles for tomorrow. Increasing weekly mileage too fast is a very common cause for injury. For now, I would enjoy the triumph of your new PDR!

    I also really like the vanilla Gu, btw.

  5. I would stick with the 4 miles also, give yourself a little bit of a break before another long run.

  6. I would stick to the four miles as well, since you already had your long run this week. Missing four miles in the grand scheme of things won’t hurt your training, but getting injured definitely will! I missed a relatively short (4 miles too) run while I was training for my last race and was tempted to add it on to one of my workouts like you are contemplating. Ultimately, I skipped it and ran the race just fine 🙂

  7. I saw the post about the leg sleeves and my husband has the WORST time with shin splints due to his flat feet/other feet problems. I ordered them on runners warehouse with the 15% code so they were cheaper (and if you don’t like them, you can return them no problem). Worth a shot for no pain for sure!

  8. I would stick to what you have planned… too many long runs when you haven’t worked yourself up to it without proper rest do more harm then good. Take it from me – I used the “tack it on” approach during marathon training last year and it did not bode well for me.

    Running should make you happy, not cause added stress so missed workouts are no biggie.

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