DL Day One

This sight this morning made me sad.

Me, walking out the door to go to work, intentionally leaving my running shoes at home so I didn’t do something stupid like go to the gym after work.

Being injured sucks.  I feel lazy and I hate it.   Resting is the reasonable thing to do, but I still have that nagging bug in my ear telling me “don’t be a baby, just run through it.”  No fun.

Perhaps instead of running, I should work on my abandoned DIY projects…

Or pay attention to my dog.

Focusing on the positive is hard.  Stupid shins.

In completely minimal wedding news, our calligraphied wedding invitation envelopes should be done and mailed this Friday or on Monday!  Woo.  We’re trying to decide when to send them–I’ve read everything between 6-12 weeks, so I think we’re just going to shoot for the first week of March-ish.  Fun!  Getting RSVP cards will be pretty exciting.

Anyway, apparently my life is significantly less interesting when I’m not running, so I’ll stop reaching for content.

How do you keep from going nuts when you’re supposed to be resting?


4 Responses

  1. Resting is necessary, but does totally suck!! I have such a busy schedule, a little down time is like heaven for me. Catch up on some DVR or start a new book!

  2. I walk. During the two weeks I did zip for exercise this past summer from my hip, I went on long walks about three days a week. The fresh air was wonderful, and while it wasn’t hard exercise, I would always come back feeling invigorated (and less like a useless lump of space).

  3. Awww your doggie is SO cute!

    I’m a Literati (on Yahoo games) fiend, plus so many blogs to keep up with, I find that I never have time to be bored even when I have free time lol.


  4. Don’t feel lazy – you obviously worked very hard to earn your injury 😉 I do know how you feel though – it’s so hard for me to take more than 1 day off at a time from my workouts. Just remember how much stronger you will be once you are fully healed!

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