Trying MORE New Things

Yesterday I tried new things.  Today I tried more of them!  This is what happens when I go to a different grocery store.  Hey, that just inspired a thoughtful healthy living tip…

TIP:  If you’re in a healthy eating rut, try a new grocery store.  They will have fun new products to try that get you all excited about healthy eats once again!

Anyway, today I tried a new flavor of yogurt.  Yes, I know that this is full of artificial sweeteners and has less protein than Greek, but sometimes, frankly, I like fun flavored yogurt.  And do you want to know how much this cost?  NINETEEN CENTS.  When you stack that against my $1.29/cup Greek yogurt, it looks even more appetizing.

I’m a sucker for all things coconut, but this was kinda fakey.  Not bad, but not great.  Meh.

Also I had an Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin with peanut butter.  These aren’t new to me, but since they don’t carry them at my regular grocery store I kind of forgot about them.  These are good and made with the healthiest of whole grains, so they are really filling!

Unpictured: I ate another delicious giant orange and relished the smell of orange peel in my garbage can all day.  Seriously.  Love it.  Oh, and a dark chocolate square, and some strawberries and granola.  Wait!  I DID take a picture of the granola.

This is Feed’s Cranberry Coconut Crunch granola.  Again with the coconut love.  Frankly, though, this stuff is terrible and I’m eating it just because it was expensive and I can mask the flavor with strawberries.  It’s very spicy, but not a good cinnamon spice, more…nutmeggy?  I don’t know.  I don’t taste cranberry or coconut in it at all.  Bleh.

I had a new Luna Protein Bar for my pre-workout fuel.  Also, not great.  Super duper sweet (which I usually don’t mind) and had a weird texture.

But then I tried something new I REALLY liked!  I will do a full review of the two items they sent me later, after I’ve had the chance to wear them both a bit, but this is the Propel Track Jacket by lucy activewear (bottom layer only).  I love this thing so much.  It’s cozy, but sleek and cute and fitnessy with really thoughtful details.  Pink puffy heart for this one.

I decided to give running a try again today.  My shins felt fine all day.  I iced diligently last night, took ibuprofen, and foam rolled.   At first they felt great.  About .75 miles in, it went downhill, fast, and I was in pain like I was in yesterday–it FEELS like inflammation, and not a stress fracture, because the pain changes when I point my toes or curl them back while running, and stretching/foam rolling seems to help.  It hurts when I press on the sides of my shin bone/calves, but not on the bone itself.  It’s fine all day except when I run.

I quit at 1.25 miles in.  I knew in my head that running on shin splints is only going to make the situation worse, but I still felt crappy about it.  I tried doing some stationary biking, but my head wasn’t in it because I was so angry and I left after 10 minutes.

One of the things Tim has helped me figure out about myself is that I have a tendency to let a minor problem/irritation spiral into a huge vent about completely unrelated things.  I’m working on it.  I am upset that my body is broken right now.  My first thoughts were, “It’s probably because you’re so heavy, you’ll never be a good runner, you’re such a terrible fraud on the blog.  And whythefuck did you register for a marathon you’re not going to be able to finish.”   Obviously, this is ridiculous.  But I’m struggling with staying in a good headspace while I’m injured.  I know I need to take a few days off the gym and heal, but I can’t seem to quiet the voices telling me that I’m just being lazy and weak.

So, I’m icing, going to foam roll again, and I’m going to put myself on the DL until Friday, when I will try to run again as much as my body will allow.  My hypothesis is that I ran way too much last week (five days in a row, to be exact), didn’t stretch enough, didn’t foam roll, and possibly that this is related to my new shoes.

In other news, yesterday my boss asked me if I was okay.  When I said yes, she said I didn’t look well, and was I tired?  And a few hours later, she popped in my office to remind me that I’ve been building up a lot of “comp time” lately, which is basically overtime time-and-a-half, paid in vacation rather than cash, and a day off might be nice considering how much I’ve been working lately.

So I decided to take her up on it.  I’ve had a few stress-related breakdowns lately, and my body hasn’t been doing so great either.  On Monday, I’m taking a mental health day off work!  Tim has the day off work because of President’s Day, so I figure what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a Monday off together?  I’m so excited and really feel like I need a long weekend.  I’m hoping to get my life back in order–clean the house, do some wedding-related shopping and finish up some DIY, and most importantly, sit on the couch in my pajamas watching the Olympics.  I cannot wait.

Do you take mental health days?  What’s your personal injury policy?


20 Responses

  1. It is SO hard to be still when your body is crying for rest but your head is telling you to keep going. I am admittedly very bad about giving my body ample time to heal after injury.
    I hope your self appointed move to the DL proves to be helpful in your shin recovery.
    Also, enjoy your mental health day. You’ve earned it and I hope you enjoy it to its fullest.

  2. I take mental health days regularly. My partner and I will raid our savings and go out for lunch and a movie. Its great, we get time together and no stress! Enjoy your day off!

  3. Thank you for dropping the f bomb : ) I love that you actually say how you feel and don’t sugar coat it for the blog! I like a variety blogs but yours is definitely one that I can truely relate too- especially those damn shins!

    Enjoy you long weekend!

  4. You need to rest! One of the hardest things for me was switching between focus and train hard to focus and rest hard. All the work you’re putting in running won’t help if you’re not letting your body catch up.
    My boss is really good about mental health days, she gives us days off when she knows we’ve been busting our butts. I also get Monday as a mental health day!

  5. I take mental health days and I tend to let minor irritations turn into big vents about unrelated things. Leading up to my wedding, mental health days became more frequent, luckily I have generous vacation time. Blech. Thank you for being real and showing that being awesome (losing weight, running, etc) isn’t always paved with glitter the whole way.

  6. I just wanted to say, don’t beat yourself up. My husband is not a lightweight runner, just over 200 lbs and not a tall guy but he completed a marathon last year. It took him tons of hard work and watching him was painful but that is one of his proudest accomplishments and if he can do it at 200 lbs, you can do it too! I wish I could run a fraction of the distance that you guys are able to run!
    P.S. He did the ice bath after a long training run and also hated it!

  7. Monday is going to be awesome! I think it´s a good call, you´ll come back more rested and have a short work week – yay!

  8. Lucy sent you free clothes? how awesome is that?

    I’m all for mental health days. I think we all need them every now and then. My last job offered “personal days” on top of our sick , and vacation pay. We could use them whenever and I really enjoyed it.

  9. I definitely take mental health days every now and again. It definitely helps.

    I eat regular yogurt with fake sugars sometimes too. Sometimes it just tastes good. (Although I guess yours didn’t)

  10. I’m only in college and about 2x a semester I skip an entire day of classes. You deserve it. Also, what are these Luna bars you keep talking about? Expensive? Healthy?

  11. I do not take mental health days because I have no paid time off.

  12. that is so nice that he has off and you took off- I hope that will be a great catch up day! I had awful shin splints , sat in tubs of ice after every practice etc. Alternating ice with heat was helpful to get the blood flow to the area and reduce the inflammation around the joints and bones. I think resting for a bit is a great idea, so way to listen to your body!

    I don’t have a normal job, life, or schedule- I take mental health time whenever i can get it!

  13. Curious, what is the foam rolling you’ve mentioned?

  14. I take mental health days! I firmly believe in them. I know it’s time to take one when every.single.thing and every.single.person at my job pisses me off. Enjoy your day off and get some rest.
    Hope your shins feel better ASAP! I know how frustrating it is to be injured when all you want to do is run.

  15. Shin splints are not something to take lightly. I used to get the all the time from dancing, and it’s due to the constant “pound pound pound” on your legs.

    One suggestion that was made to me was to strengthen the muscles around your shin, lay on your back, feet up in the air, and point and flex your feet until it burns! And be sure to stretch that muscle.

  16. Shin spints are horrible! Have you tried the compression socks or calf sleeves yet? LOVE them! Swear by them!!! I put mine on after my long Saturday morning runs and wear them all day! My legs feel refreshed for Sunday. I have read a lot about shin splints and the use of compression gear in healing. Give it a try!

    Hang in there! The marathon training will resume!

  17. I love mental health days. I think they are a necessity and if you have the time available you should definitely use it.

    About your shin splints – have you tried different insoles in your shoes? When I changed shoes I had bad shin pain. My coach suggested new insoles and voila, problem solved.

  18. Hi!! We ate the EXACT same breakfast today. How funny. I love the cinnamon raisin english muffins with PB…they make me so happy and fill me right up!

  19. I took A LOT of mental health days when I was in university. Actually, probably too many 😉 Not so much now that I’m a workin’ gal. But I find having one do-absolutely-nothing weekend a months really helps.

    That really sucks about your shins. I can understand where the minor freak out is coming from. Register for a marathon then get injured a few days later. Thankfully the solution is simple – REST 😀 When I injured my hip, I was really stubborn at first and dragged it out much longer than I should hav. I bet I ended up taking more time off from running than I had to because I was so stubborn about it in the beginning.

  20. I am 110% obsessed with Lucy Activeware clothes. I’m wearing a shirt and hoodie from them right now. So comfy

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