Trying New Things

The clear theme of today was trying new things.

First, at lunch, I tried a new soup (Progresso’s Hearty Penne in Chicken Broth) and a new yogurt (Yoplait Greek Strawberry).  The soup was something of a fail.  It didn’t actually contain chicken, and was basically broth, noodles, and carrots.  It was really bland and the broth tasted kind of like the can.  Not a fan of this flavor!

The yogurt was more successful.  While I didn’t think it was as good as Oikos, Fage, or Chobani, it’s half the price and pretty dang good.  There’s no actual chunks of strawberry in it, but the flavor was light and kind of gummy bear-y.  I would buy it again, but I don’t give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up.  Maybe one and a half?

I also tried these new bagels I found in the health food section by Western Bagel.  This was the sweet wheat variety.  I was in shock that it was an honest to goodness bagel for 120 calories!  I think it was half decent, but my tastebuds were off because of the weird soup.  I’m reserving judgment.

One of the most frustrating things about running is how one day, you can feel so strong, and the next, you are just randomly humbled.

I set out for four miles today on the treadmill.  A minute or two in, I started experiencing intense pain in both of my shins.  Usually I have a few random aches for the first few minutes when I run, but once I get warm they go away.  Not this time.  The pain got progressively more intense until I made the gametime decision that today would quickly become a 2 miles and cross training day.  I finished the last two miles, and then went nuts on the spin bike for awhile (which didn’t bother my shins at all).  I have absolutely no idea what caused this pain, especially after three days of real serious rest, but it was disconcerting.

I decided the solution was an ice bath.  I tried one.  It lasted 20 seconds.

This was not a new thing I recommend.  Good gravy, this was unpleasant.  I got out of the bath because I literally felt my chest seize up and could barely breathe.  So, now I am icing like this:

GoMoji pad on one leg, frozen corn on the other.  I am also going to foam roll and see if we have any ibuprofen.

I also got a fun package from lucy activewear when I got home!  Product reviews to come, but let me tell you…I’m already in love with this baby. Hello, lovah.

So, uh, yeah. Question of the day: have you ever had totally random shin pain?  How did you make it go away? Please be my internet doctors!


11 Responses

  1. Ice ice and more ice!!!! Shin pains are the worst but it will get better 🙂 When I ran track in H.S. even though I was in good shape, I used to come home from practice and sit with two frozen bags of vegetables on each of my shins.

  2. Give the ice bath another try down the road – it was a true saving grace after long training runs while marathon training for me! maybe it won’t be as bad when it’s nicer outside. hope you feel better soon!

  3. I´ve used a kind of leg warmers or stockings from the pharmacy that were really tight and keep your shins warm and well circulated while exercising and it cured my shin pains. I recommend it with some ibuprofen!

  4. The reason I don’t run is because I get really bad shin pain. I had shin splints from marching too much in high school and now they kill me whenever I put too much exertion on them. It sucks!

  5. I can NOT run more than 3 days per week, or my shins suffer. I always get pain on the inside of my shin bone. Didn’t you run several days in a row last week? Maybe that triggered it?

    My suggestions would be to ice, ice, ice, and make sure you thoroughly stretch your calves after you run. My dr. also recommended massaging the sore area to stimulate blood flow to it, but I warn you – that reeeeaaalllllyyyy hurts! And take a few more days off if you need it…in the long run, it really won’t hurt your training at all! Oh, another random thing I do sometimes is to run backwards (not on the treadmill, I tried it once and fell off!). It helps stretch & strengthen your lower legs.

    I love your kitty in the background of your icing picture, I have a gray tabby cat, too!

  6. I’ve also noticed what you did with Progresso soups – the chicken is lacking or fatty pieces. I usually choose the veggie soups and add my own rotisserie chicken/diced chicken breast to it and it’s a bit more successful!
    Sorry about the shin issues. I sometimes get pains a few days after a long run or a grueling leg workout, but they’re fleeting. I’d just recommend what I’ve heard works best – alternating ice & heat. I hope you feel better soon!

  7. I use the frozen veggies too, work just as well as an ice pack! after I ran my first half-marathon, I came home and put my legs in our pool! It was January and we live in AZ, but we don’t heat our pool! It was rather excrutiating, but I do believe it helped. I seem to have shin splint issues with the treadmill more than the pavement. Good luck with that. Shin pain sucks!!!

  8. I used to get shin splints a lot. :/ So miserable. Thankfully that hasn’t happened in years for me. Definitely be sure to stretch that part of your legs too.

  9. Hey.. I’m just a lurker but have been checking out your blog for a few weeks now!

    I played basketball in college and would get terrible shin splints during conditioning. I managed the pain by freezing water in disposable cups. Once frozen tear away the paper and use the ice chunk to massage you shins. Also a great stretch is to sit with your legs out in front of you and have someone hold your toes down while you try to pull them up. Hurts like heck but feels much better afterward.

    Hope that helps. I love reading your blog.

  10. Hi! I’m normally a lurker, but your website has been great at inspiring me to continue to run, despite all of the times I want to talk myself out of it!

    I get shin pain when I run as well. I have found that stretching out the fronts of my shins every day has helped. I usually stretch them out by sitting back on my heels, with my toes pointed down. Hope that makes sense! I’ve never tried icing before, but as I increase my distance (goal of a 10k this year) I’ll keep it in mind!

    BTW – another yogurt you might like is Brown Cow’s 0% greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom. I hate yogurt, but continue to try to eat it since I know it’s good for me…. and this one is pretty good!

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