Running into the Ground

Hi, friends.  I feel like I am just on a crazy farm these last couple of days.  Life is so busy lately!  Accck.  I just feel like I’ve had no time to be at home with Tim and the animals, and I miss them dearly.  Unfortunately, life won’t return to normal until Sunday.  Boo.

Today I ate a very ugly orange and some peppermint bark for a snack.  Both were delicious.  I am seriously in love with oranges lately.  The theme of this bag is “huge and ugly but awesome.”  Also, if anyone has figured out a graceful way to eat oranges in a professional setting, let me know, because I am at a loss.  I cannot seem to eat one without squirting juice everywhere and making my hands all messy, regardless of whether I cut it or peel it.

In sad news, this is “clean out the snack drawer” week.  Meaning, I have nothing left to much on.  One bag of popcorn, some tea, raisins, and one off-flavor Larabar I don’t want to eat (Tropical Fruit Tart) was IT.  Boo.  I need to restock this weekend!  I actually ate some of the Strawberry Gu Chomps I got at the race on Sunday to tide me over pre-run.  Not bad, but I prefer Shot Blox.

All day I’ve been starving.  I don’t think I ate enough yesterday in general, which means my body is mad and my stomach is just off.  I just can’t fill up, despite eating lots of protein and healthy fats!  Boo.

Today I ran four miles at the gym.  I did not want to.  My stomach has been feeling really gross lately.   I have been having the worst insatiable cravings for carbs–I was daydreaming about a French baguette all day!  I was not meant to run five days in a row, but my schedule won’t really allow for anything else this week.  I actually woke up in the middle of the night with some ankle pain where I rolled it on Sunday, but it felt fine all day today and hasn’t been bothering me otherwise, so I don’t know what’s up with that.

Tomorrow morning I’m doing an easy two miler outside with Milhouse and that’s going to be IT until Monday.  I’m leaving on a work-related road trip overnight tomorrow around 10 am-ish, and I’ll be back Friday evening.  And then I have to work Saturday (whichI’mcrankyaboutbutwhatever).

In other news, here is Tim with Buckley making a quintessential Buckley face.  Can’t you just see the “I do NOT appreciate this” look on his face?

Anyway, I have to go do laundry and pack.  BOO.  Tomorrow morning I answer your questions about my heart rate monitor!


4 Responses

  1. Too many “boos” in this post Brie! I have a feeling you and Buckley have the same face right now 😛 I’m not built to run two days in a row, let alone five. That’s intense! At least the end is in sight. Also, no, there isn’t a professional way to eat an orange. I never know what to do with the peel if I’m not close to a garbage. Awkward.

  2. I totally agree with you about the oranges! I was thinking the same thing as I peeled one for myself at work today 🙂

  3. SO excited to hear about the heart rate monitor! I’m saving up to get one by March!

  4. Peeling an orange is kind of like cracking an egg to me. It can be done without making a big mess with some practice. It depends on the type of orange too, some are more manageable than others…. but I couldn’t really tell you, because I’ve never paid attention before.

    Hope your ankle is okay and that life will balance itself back out for you soon!

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