Marathon Preview

This morning’s outpouring of support for my marathon announcement floored me.  You guys are so incredibly awesome and I feel so loved!

As far as my mental state…I actually feel really good about this decision.  I’m less scared and freaked out about the marathon registration than I was after I registered for the half.  I think that now that I’m actually preparing for the half and it’s not that bad and I am making progress, I know that if I do the same for the full I should, hopefully, be a-okay.  I may not be a fast runner, but I can certainly be a smart, well-prepared one. And that is my strategy.

Anyway, my schedule is all futzed up this week thanks to travel and working on Saturday.  So I decided to do this week’s long run tonight after work.  Little did I know my body would decide to say, “hey, you’re running a marathon?  Here’s what you have to look forward to!”

Around noon, I had a small sandwich on an Arnold’s Thin, an orange, and a Greek yogurt.  Around 4, I had this baby:

A Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif Bar.  Since these are more substantial than my usual afternoon snack, I thought they’d hold me over until after my run and long commute home.

I went to the gym and ran six miles.  Since my legs are kind of funky from running so much Sunday and Monday, I did 10 minute miles and took a few small walk breaks.  I got it done, though.

The Clif Bar didn’t achieve its intended purpose, unfortunately.  When I was in my “run 6 miles a day and don’t eat and run myself into the ground” mode, my biggest problem was that after I stopped running, I’d get extremely nauseous.  Like, dry heave nauseous.  Well, this happened today.  On my half hour commute home.  All I wanted was SOMETHING, ANYTHING in my stomach.  I ran in the house and swallowed a banana in about two seconds flat.  Half an hour and dinner later, my stomach is still complaining.

I suspect that this is why I get this way:

My calorie burns are EXTREMELY high.  6 miles, 793 calories burned.  This is more than most bloggers/runners I’ve heard of, probably because a) I weigh somewhere in the 160 pounds neighborhood and b) I have asthma and my lungs have to work harder.

From now on, I WILL experiment with fueling during runs or immediately post-run for runs 5 miles or longer.  (As in, don’t wait to get home.)  I just think that I burn so much that my body needs calorie replacement a wee bit sooner than most.  I predict lots of Gu sampling in my future.

The second thing I got a preview of?  Chafing.  I’ve never chafed in my life before, but I guess my boobs weren’t happy with the extreme heat in the gym today because I have a bright red underboob line.  So, Body Glide it is from now on.  Ow.

Anyway, like I said, I’m going to train smart and experiment with solutions to problems until I find something that works for me.  Onward!

What’s your biggest fitness hurdle?  How have you overcome it?


11 Responses

  1. I just started following your blog…as of about 10 minutes ago…ha. I am SO encouraged by your weight loss and training! I am currently training with a friend for our first half marathon on March 21 out here in NC. We would LOVE to do a whole marathon before we graduate college (in 2 years…) Where did you get the calorie counter device pictured above? And how much was it? I look forward to following your blog and progress! Keep it up!

  2. how do you wear the heart monitor?
    would you recommend it? how will it help me?

  3. Oh chafing… in highschool I played tennis, and after an all day tournament in the heat I experienced chafing for the first time – on my thighs. I could have started a fire with those puppies rubbing together! But I digress…

    Shin splints have always bothered me when running or doing plyometrics for any extended period, but lately it’s my knees! Ugh! At the ripe old age of 25, I have to hobble up & down stairs after a workout. (I know it’s vague, but if anyone has any suggestions on dealing with knee pain…)

  4. wow! your calorie burns ARE high! I suppoes that’s better than being low though, right? 😉

  5. Just found your blog! I am looking forward to reading! I adore reading healthy living blogs.

    I think my biggest fitness hurdle was when I was younger. I used to be a gymnast and I had to push my body way above it’s boundaries for years. Unfortunately, all the pushing took a toll on my body and now I have back problems at the age of 22. Thank goodness for yoga! It has been my saving grace.

  6. Hey,
    I’ve been stalking your blog and I love it. Seeing someone “normal” get up to running long distances helps me think I can do it.
    Do you ever run on a treadmill? If you do does the mill cal counter match your Polar? I’m considering getting one for my non mill workouts to see how much I burn.

  7. I usually need fuel in me after an hour of exercise or I get like that too. the worst is when I’m lifting for longer than an hour and my tummy is rumbling away in the gym.

    As for my biggest hurdle, it’s the fact that I was NEVER athletic as a child. I see a lot of other people catch on to fitness and activity quickly because they have some sort of base to build on from growing up. Whether it be playing on the soccer team, cheerleading, or even just some silly dance club. But I have nothing, and am literally starting from scratch. It’s taking me a really long time to get to the point where I’d like to be because of that.

  8. I hear ya on the hunger. I’m 5’10” and in the 170-175 lb range, so I suspect my calorie burns are high, too! When I used to have the motivation to count calories, I lost weight quickly eating ~2200 calories/day.

    Because I’m on the heavy side for a runner and an over-pronater, I’m often plagued by overuse-type injuries. Shinsplints, ITB, plantar fasciitis, you name it, I’ve probably dealt with it!

  9. Oh yes! Make sure you use the body glide! I get the worst chafing on my back from my bra!

  10. Hey there just found your blog and it is SUPER! I also get outraaageously hungry as soon as I am done running and wanted to share with you my super simple/cheap/effective trick: I pack a banana in my gym bag and eat it in the locker room immediately post work out…helps me from getting the low-sugar shakes!

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