Registry and Race Prep

Surprisingly, I didn’t sleep too late today.  I was up around 9:15, which is early for me on a Saturday!

I batted my eyelashes at Tim so he’d make pancakes for breakfast.  I am seriously terrible at making pancakes and waffles.  He is great at it.  We do chocolate chip pancakes, but only a few chips in each one.  Nom.

Then I hit up Macy’s after a shower.  Long story short…we took our fancy wedding china off the registry because the store couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t be discontinued before May.  We’d already gotten one piece, and I had to return it.  I wanted to get some of our bedding, but that store didn’t carry it.  Good thing, because I came home to buy it online and someone had just bought our entire bed set–duvet, sheets, bedskirt, pillowcases and shams!  Woo!

While I was at Macy’s, I happened to see a display of Nike workout wear…at 70% off! Unheard of.  I ended up picking up two pairs of Dri-Fit capris for $12.50 each!  What a steal!  One is a medium and one is a large–the large is a little bigger than ideal, but still fits fine and it was all they had.  I’ve had to retire a few pairs of workout pants lately, so these are much needed.

I also picked up a New Balance tank (that happens to exactly match my shoes) at TJ Maxx for $15.  It matches my shoes!  Looks like I have a new race outfit for tomorrow.  And I’ll be rocking the pink.  It has a built in shelf bra that actually seems substantial enough to hold the girls in!  I probably won’t risk it tomorrow, but good to know.

I then went BACK to Macy’s and wound up using the store credit from the exchange to get our featherbed and mattress pad.  I’m so excited to be able to use all of our floofy new bedding after the wedding!

I’m actually really looking forward to racing tomorrow.  It’s been awhile, and it will be awhile until my next race, so I’m pumped.  Clothes are all laid out…

…and the playlist is made.  (It is much harder to make a 10K playlist than a 5K playlist!  I had to do some repeats.  Sorry so blurry.)

The course looks really twisty and turny, so I have zero time expectations.  The 5K is one lap, the 10K is two.  Looks like there will be plenty of water stations!

I’ll be back with a recap tomorrow afternoon!  Wish me luck!

6 Responses

  1. Good luck Brie! You’ll do great!

  2. Best of luck on your race tomorrow! I’ll be sending you “long endurance” vibes and happy thoughts!

    Can’t wait to see the post-race meal!

  3. Good luck!! I will be thinking of you while I do my 7 mile run (training for a 15K) tomorrow morning.

    Plus, I love hearing about the great deals you found!!

  4. That sounds like such a neat race! Don’t get lost! 😛 (p.s. your totally going to get that under-hour goal. Based on your training runs, it should hopefully be easy peasy 😉 )

  5. Can’t wait to hear how it went! I’m sure you did great 🙂 You can’t go wrong with pink as your outfit theme!

  6. Great play list! That Outkast song ALWAYS gets me pumped!

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