100 Days.

We are getting married exactly 100 days from now.



Here’s what’s going to be happening in the next 3 months, 1 week, and 2 days, in rough order.

  • I’m running my first 10K.
  • Sending out wedding invitations!
  • Tim’s having his bachelor party in Vegas.
  • (Tim also turns 26 that weekend.)
  • Wedding dress fittings.  (And probably lots of pictures.)
  • I’m having a bridal shower in Chicago!
  • …and will be writing lots of thank-you notes.
  • The same weekend, I’m having my hair and makeup trial.
  • I’m running my first half marathon!
  • And then I’m going to Vegas for the first time for work two days later.
  • Then, the day after I return from Vegas, I’m going to Napa Valley for my bachelorette party!
  • Getting a pre-wedding hair color done.
  • Our super fun Mongolian BBQ rehearsal dinner.

And then it will be wedding day.  May 8, 2010.

Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.


9 Responses

  1. I only have a couple more weeks than you do!

    You are really good at reminding me of how close it is a FREAKING me out!

  2. How exciting! The countdown begins!! 🙂 A Mongolian BBQ rehersal dinner sounds fun.

  3. You certainly have a busy 3 months!!! I am so excited for you to be doing so much! Congrats!

  4. my wedding is the week after yours. so exciting!

  5. Congrats, Brie! The 100 days will go by very quickly, and you’ve got many exciting things on your agenda. Enjoy all 100 days!

  6. Just found your blog on the knot and wanted to say that it is great! I’ve run a few halfs and some 5 and 10k’s and you will do awesome. The feeling of crossing that finish line is amazing. Your cats are too funny, ours do the same thing. My fiance is on the road 4 days a week for his job (IT project manager) and our one cat is etiher in or on the luggage…I think it’s a sign! good luck with everything! 🙂

  7. 100 days!! can’t wait!! it’s going to be wonderful, you’re going to look fabulous 🙂 can’t wait to celebrate!

  8. Wow that’s going to be an awesome 100 days!!! I’m definitely glad it’s you and not me that is 100 days away, whew! so much still to do!

  9. Brie, these next 100 days (or..now 99 I guess?) are going to be AWESOME. Soak up every single day, it may be stressful at times, but it’s also gonna be a blast!! 😀

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