Banana Face

Today’s post title is brought to you by my morning snack.

I brought a banana and a teeny raisin box for a morning snack today, and I suddenly remembered that my mom used to do this for me when I was little to make fruit-eating fun.  She would even give them hair, and buttons out of raisins.  What a mom!

Banana Face was delicious, anyway.  Raisins and bananas are a good combo!  When I was little I’d always get fruit salads from dessert made of chopped apples, banana slices, raisins, and peanuts.  I wish I had an apple and another banana to make one!  Talk about nostalgia.

Today’s run was supposed to be a 3.5 miler on the treadmill.  But I got to the gym and it was insanely crowded–all the treadmills were full, and the track was closed for track practice.   I stood around for a few minutes seeing if anyone would hop off, but it didn’t happen.  So…I juggled and decided to make today tomorrow’s weights day instead!  Voila:

  • 10 minutes on the elliptical at butt-searing resistance
  • Squats, 3 X 12 at 135 lbs.
  • Overhead shoulder press, 3 X 12 at 20 lbs.
  • Lateral raises, 3 X 12 at 20 lbs.
  • Deadlifts, 3 X 12 at 40 lbs.  (the heavier weights were ALL being used!  Weird!)
  • Upright rows, 3 X 12 at 40 lbs.
  • Reverse crunches, 12 @ 25 lbs. (these killed my back for some reason, in a moderately uncomfortable way, so only one set.)
  • Prone jackknives, 2 X 12
  • Swiss ball crunches,  2 X 12

It wasn’t what I was planning, but it wound up being a nice little full body workout!  I already feel a little wiggly.  I’ll get to the 3.5 miles tomorrow.

Anyway, lately I have been feeling a little…rundown?  I don’t think that’s the word, but I was super tired yesterday and I’m really quite tired again today.  Plus, I woke up with a stuffy nose this morning, which is never a good sign (although I feel fine otherwise).  Friday and Saturday are going to be rest days to the max after tomorrow’s run.  I want my legs to be nice and fresh for Sunday’s 10K, and I feel like I need lots and lots of sleep before then.

Also, random note: I’ve given up my lunchtime Diet Coke.  I got into a two-a-day habit for awhile, but I’ve gone back down to just one for the last two weeks and I’m feeling good.  I know none is best, but that never seems to stick for me.  One is better than two!

In wedding news, I asked my mother to take charge of finding me some earrings.  I bought a pair, but I wasn’t crazy about them, and she is great at finding jewelry.  Plus, with her job, she basically shops 5 days a week!  She sent them to me and they came today.

What do you think?  I really, really like them.  I think they’re fancy enough that I don’t need a necklace, but not so busy that they’ll take away from my dress or fascinator.  Go mom!

What is your mom really good at? My mom is a great jewelry matcher and banana face maker, obviously, but she is also a really talented baker!  Her caramel brownies are to die for.


15 Responses

  1. I love banana face!
    Your mom did a great job picking out the earrings; they’re really pretty.
    I know I should give up diet soda, but that really is a commitment I’m not willing to make. My daily diet coke is my sanity saver. Maybe someday….
    My mom is the perfect shopping buddy and she makes good soup. She’s also a writer and a really great mom.

  2. My mom is a fabulous smocker (sewer, seamstress… along those lines). She makes these beautiful christening gowns for people that truly are divine.
    Because I’m proud of her- I’ll pimp her out

    Love the banana face!

  3. What a fun way to eat fruit and I LOVE those earrings!!!!! Your mom has impeccable taste 🙂

  4. Love the banana face, and love the earrings! Sounds like you had a good workout! Keep it up 🙂

    – Kloé

  5. Those earrings are GORGEOUS, and the banana face totally made me smile 🙂

    My mom makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich!

  6. My mom is really good at crossword puzzles.

  7. My mother is amazing. She is a phenomenal cook. A great role model. She’s a hardcore motorcycle badass but can turn around and be totally comfortable in formal wear. She has perfect teeth and can make anyone laugh! I love my mommy!

  8. My Mom is really good at making me understand things. Sometimes I feel she is hard headed, but now that we don’t live together, we have become so much closer. I am very thankful for my Mom. She has been extremely supportive of me since I moved out with the BF. Without her, I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have.

    PS~ Love the earrings!!!

  9. oh those caramel brownies….

  10. love the earrings!!

  11. My mom has many talents, including: typing, cooking awesome meals, amateur interior design, leaving really long voicemails, driving me a little crazy, using big words, supporting her children in everything they do, etc.

    Love the antique feel of the earrings – they’ll look great with Ronda!

  12. This is going to sound kinda odd, but my mom is really, really good at caring for her herd of 200 beef cows. She is unlike any other woman I know, I love her, and she is my hero!

  13. Mmmmmm caramel brownies. Your mom did a great job on the earings! I think they’re perfect! My mom is great at managing chaos and letting things develop on their own time and not being a control freak. I think that’s pretty necessary for a mom with seven kids!

  14. Okay I’m catching up on your blog, so your inbox may be flooded with my comments 😉

    First – I LOVE the earrings. Those are 100% my style.

    Second – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am so jealous of how much you can squat!!

    Third – My mom is great at being my best friend 🙂 Don’t tell her that though – it’ll go to her head 😛

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