GoMoji Review

So, a few weeks ago I entered and won the GoMoji giveaway on ChicRunner Danica’s blog.  Woo!  I am always up for trying new stuff.   Since this is obviously a product that would interest runners and other fitness-minded people, here goes.

GoMoji makes two different kinds of icing products.  (No, not icing as in frosting, icing as in the cold stuff that makes your muscles feel good.)  One is designed for your back, one is designed for your knees.  I chose the back version.  Since I don’t have troublesome knees (thank God) I thought the back sleeve would work better for muscle aches related to everyday life, running, and tough weightlifting workouts.

My first impression was that this is the Rolls Royce of cold packs.  This thing is really nice!  It has little pouches filled with a soft gel, and there are slits in it so it moves easily with you.  Also, it comes in a nice zippered pouch so you can put it in the freezer without worrying about it getting covered in ice cream drippings or similar.

The sleeve that wraps around you is really fancy too.  The velcro is strong–I wore this around the house making dinner one night, and it didn’t budge, which I liked.  So often I feel like I don’t want to ice things because then I have to sit still, and I hate sitting still.  Even though I don’t have any back problems, this felt really nice after a long run.  I would also be able to use the gel pack to ice other body parts, though the sleeve probably wouldn’t work.

It also came with a helpful packet on the benefits of icing.

All in all, I think this is a really well made and useful product.  I think that it would be great for non-athletes who just have back or knee problems, too!   The price tag is a lot, but you definitely get a quality product for the money.

Do you ice?  Do you think it helps with recovery? I’ve never been brave enough to take an ice bath, but maybe one of these days…


4 Responses

  1. Brrr, I don’t think I could ever take an ice bath. The pack looks cool. I’ve been icing my knees a lot, I wonder if they have a model for that. I would love to not be glued to the couch while icing.

  2. I think icing definitely helps for shin splints! But I’m like you – I never want to take the time to sit still for 15 minutes.

    When I ran track in HS, I had major shin splint problems (which is why I limit running to 3 days/week now) & the coach would have me sit in with my legs in a whirlpool ice bath after practice. The first time he the temp waaaaayyy to low & I thought I was gonna freeze to death!

  3. I’ve never heard of GoMoji before! That looks MUCH better than the bag of peas tied to my leg with with a plastic bag that I currently use.

    Icing is the only reason I still run. When I started increasing my mileage this past summer, I started getting reeeeally bad pains in my ankles and up my leg. I started icing it and it was as if I didn’t even run. Now I’m a religious ice-er after anything over 3 miles. Life changing.

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