A Case of the Sleepies

First order of business–thanks to all the de-lurkers!  It’s nice to hear a little bit about all of you.  For the record, I’m Brie, I live in Kansas City (Missouri, not Kansas), and I very much like pizza, though without veggies, because I feel pizza veggies are always kind of limp and gross.  But anyway.

Today I was tired.  I am lucky enough that I don’t really struggle with tiredness much.  I am usually asleep by 10 or 10:30 and  I get up at 6 or 6:30, so I get a good 7-8 hours.  But for some reason, last night, I slept horribly and I woke up tired and I haven’t been able to shake it.  (Some reason=snoring dog, then whimpering bad dream dog, then “have to poop at 3 am” dog, then “I love you so much I’m going to claw you to death” cat.  Props to Tim for handling the 3 am pooper.)

I had a weird lunch again today thanks to work commitments, BUT since I was out and about KC I did a little shopping for a KC foodie care package for one of my favorite bloggers (and readers).  It was totally pretty out today!

Aside from the really strong wind.

And I’m not telling what it is.  But she will, hopefully, when she gets it.  (I may or may not have also bought some stuff for us.  Whoops.)  It is definitely yummy!

Also, apparently, my boss has confused “half marathon” with “marathon” and is telling all my co-workers that I’m running a marathon.  Which, happily enough, resulted in one of my co-workers busting happily into my office to chat about running!  It was pretty cool.  She’s run tons of marathons and is a triathlete and is in her 50s (I’d guess).  Apparently several other people I work with are active on the KC running circuit as well, including one of my co-workers that did an IRONMAN in 10 hours (and change).  Isn’t that nuts?

It was cute.  We talked shoes, and when I mentioned that I’d been having foot problems with arch blisters she immediately said, “Oh, you should get some New Balances, they have the widest toe boxes!”  And then I promptly whipped my new NBs out from under my desk and she gave them the appreciative runner’s once-over.  She also suggested putting Vaseline on the inside of my shoe if Body Glide doesn’t work!  Weird, but good to know.  She’s also run the race I’m running this weekend before and she says it’s lots and lots of turns so don’t expect a great time.  I officially want to be her best friend.   I like having co-workers I can geek out with about running stuff!

Anyway, thankfully today’s training plan was an “easy” day–two miles and cross training.  I was dragging by the time gym time came around.  I fueled up with a Key Lime Pie Larabar.

I am undecided on this flavor.  I think I liked it, but I couldn’t eat it every day.  It’s a good “once in a great while” bar, I think.

Then I went and ran two miles. I ran fast today and it felt good!  (Fast for me, anyway.)  Two miles in 19:05.  I got my favorite treadmill and just went for it.

My cross training was the walk back to my car.  Forgive me, Hal Higdon, for I have sinned.  I swear I will take Milhouse for an extra-long walk tonight.

Anyway, I’m planning on an early bedtime tonight and hopefully I’ll be a little perkier tomorrow!

How do you snap out of a tired funk?

7 Responses

  1. That’s cool that you are making new running connections 🙂 Hope you wake up nice and refreshed tomorrow!

  2. I bet the poor sleep last night was because of the sad MU/KU game:( I live in Columbia.

  3. Key Lime is one of my fav bars! But I totally heart citrus!

    I snap out of a tired funk by…. sleeping more. Haha. Or taking a 5HE. Or baking.

  4. Isn’t it awesome to feel proud of your new purchase of NB’s?! And to have someone to gab about hobbies with? I’m glad you found some new running “geeks”! I am not a fan of the Key Lime Larabar – I much prefer the Apple Pie!
    Usually, the only thing that pulls me out of a tired funk, other than a nap, is doing something that I’m dying to do – watch a tv show, see a movie I’ve wanted to see or even try a few new moves in the gym.

  5. I had an awful wake up yesterday morning too!! I heard that if you wake up in REM cycle, that your body is thrown off totally despite getting iin enough hours. You need to go back to sleep for like 10-15 minutes to finish that REM cycle, you wake up much better. I did that, and it did feel MUCH better after!

    I also just had a larabar today!!! I have yet to try the key lime, I was so eager but maybe I won’t rush out to the store based on your review! I got a big box of 18 from BJ’s club , only cherry pie, apple pie and cashew cookie flavors though.

    I love your sense of humor, no worries on the cross-training aka “walk to your car”…

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