Office Space

I felt like I was in some sort of bad office comedy today.

I woke up, got ready, and went to make coffee…and our Keurig’s broken.  It brews about an ounce of coffee then dies.  Suggestions?  I’m only a one-cup-a-day girl, but that one cup is crucial.

Then I got to work and figured out that one department’s been giving out my office’s phone number as a fax number on a form that HAS to be faxed in and was distributed to hundreds of people.  All morning, I kept answering my phone and getting fax machine noises.   At LEAST twenty times.  Frustrating.

And then it was lunchtime and I made some soup.  I think it was some kind of  Zesty Tomato I’d gotten before I got all the Progresso goodies?  It was nasty, emphasis on the ass.  Two small bites and I dumped it.  So, half my lunch literally went down the drain.

Thankfully, my snack stash came to the rescue.  Susan had mentioned these PowerBar Harvest bars to me awhile ago, and I’d bought one but hadn’t eaten it yet because it seemed too meal-like and calorie dense for me.  Which, thankfully is what I needed today.

It was good!  Very chewy and substantial.  I think I’d stash these in the meal-replacement/half-meal replacement bar category, but they’d be great for a breakfast on the road.

Then it was time to give the new shoes a spin.  I’m not going to lie, I was nervous.  It felt like a first date!  What if they were awkward and stiff and hurt my feet?  That’s $100 down the toilet right there.

Random: New Balance laces are SO LONG.  Also, I used Body Glide in both my arches.

But…my 3.5 miles went well!  At least shoe-wise.  My asthma was being crappy towards the end.  But 3.5 miles in 34:45!

Here are my random foot thoughts during the run:

  • Mile 0-1: This is comfortable!  Yeah!
  • Mile 1.5:  Hmm.  My shin is a little hurty.  (Flexes foot)  Better!
  • Mile 2:  Right foot is a little numb.  Hmm.  (Wiggles toes) Better!
  • Mile 3: My lungs suck.  But man, my feet feel great!

So, I’m reserving a little judgment just to be on the safe side, but I feel pretty good about these.  Then again, I felt good about the Sauconys at first, too…ugh.  We’ll see.  I have my first 10K on Sunday–that will be a big test!

Thank you all for your comments on the To Weigh or Not To Weigh post this morning.  (Lurkers too!) I think I’m going to stick with a roughly biweekly weighing schedule.   I’ll try to weigh myself twice a month.  I think that’s reasonable enough to help me stay on track, but not so much that I get stressed over it.

To keep with today’s theme-Lurkers (and old friends)–tell me about yourself!  What’s your name?  Where are you from?  Do you like pizza?

25 Responses

  1. Those shoes LOOK awesome haha, which is half the battle right?

    I’m Kelly/I’m from Boston and I LOVE pizza but I can’t eat cheese anymore so I’ve had to get creative- now I make black bean and veggie pizza, yum!

  2. I love the new shoes! I’m glad they’re working for you.

    I’m Ashley from Tallahassee and I love pizza!

  3. I hope your shoes continue to be comfy as you break them in.
    I’m Alison. I live in Northern Virginia and I love pizza.

  4. I’m new here, but I lost a bit of weight before my wedding too. Some of the things you’ve gone through/felt are oddly similar to what I was experiencing about a year ago (I had NO IDEA my show size would go down!). I really enjoy reading your blog!

    I’m Angi, I live in Northern Indiana, and I absolutely love pizza.

  5. So happy to hear good reviews about the new kicks! I love new running shoes…This is the start of a (hopefully) very great relationship. Well, as good as a relationship can get between a gal and her running sneaks!

    I’m Michelle. I’m from Phoenix, and I love pizza! That’s actually what I had for dinner tonight. Interesting.

  6. I’m Kathleen from Atlanta (and also an NU grad) and loooove pizza. Really, who doesn’t? Freaks. 🙂

  7. I’m with Kelly.. if they look good, it’s half the battle and I’m a big fan of pink 🙂 Will you try to find new laces or stick with the crazy long ones?
    I’m Heidi.. duh.. a fellow, former Knottie from Virginia Beach, VA. I LOVE pizza – preferably my own homemade version with peppers, onions and turkey pepperoni!

  8. *waves* Hi, I’m another Alison (except I’m from Alaska). I’m a serial lurker…I think I’ve posted maybe twice. I’m a knottie, trying to lose weight before the big day (I’m a fellow May bride! You’re getting married on my FI’s b-day….we’re getting married on the 15th).

    And I absolutely adore pizza…especially our homemade ones with pesto and garlic and parmesan and basil. *drool*

  9. Hi, I’m Laura. 21 years young
    I’m a lurker but only for about a week.
    Born & raised in Australia .

    I’m a fan of pizza but i have to make it myself. i’m picky with sauce to ingredients ratio & produce placement.

  10. Hello! I’ve posted before, and I’m a big-time lurker – I love your blog!
    I’m from Stavanger, Norway – and in the process of trying to lose weight the healthy way (currently in the “obese” category – but working on it). Your blog is such an inspiration!

    Oh, and pizza is quite possibly the best thing ever.
    And a controversial follow-up – I adore pineapple on pizza. (I find that people have strong opinions about this – either for or against).

  11. I’m Meagan. A fellow knottie (MeggoWaffles) who is trying to lose before my wedding. But I found you through another blogger before you became the knottie Fit Bride. Major lurker, have been reading since November. Thanks for writing!

    (Btw, I am a pineapple on pizza fan, too. Haven’t had it in months because even the smell makes my fiance puke)

  12. I’m Liz, currently in Omaha, but originally from Illinois… lived in St. Louis for a couple years…. and soon to be relocating to New Orleans! (I’m also, apparently, a nomad).

    Pizza is delish! Especially chicken/bacon/ranch… mmm… I would tell you more, but it’s so unhealthy just talking about it adds 5 pounds.

  13. I guess I’m a lurker =)

    I’m Jen, 33 years old, from NJ. Getting married in April — that’s 12 weeks. Eek. I’m also on the Knot (“just jen”)

    I put this in yesterday’s comment, but I lost 135 about 8-10 years ago. I gained about 20 back, but am down about 5 of that 20.

    I’d love to lose another 10 before the wedding, but it just doesn’t come off as easily as it used to! So I’ve been working with a dietitian an hitting the gym more, though I’m not nearly as athletic as you — though I do aspire to that. The most I can run is 3 miles, and it’s SLOW and UGLY.

    I find your blog very motivating, so I’ve been reading every day.

    And of course I love pizza — I’m an Italian girl from NJ =)

    (but I’m not at ALL like those “Jersey Shore” guidettes, for the record….)

  14. Hi, my name’s Leah and I love food.


    Pizza included! (Pineapple + Jalapeno please!)

  15. Hahaha, I like these comments!

    I’m Hildur, from Iceland, currently going to grad school in Indiana. I’m 25 years old. I read your blog a lot but should be better at commenting!
    Oh – pizza is my favourite food… Thin crust all the way though!

  16. I’m Claire from Northern Virginia, and of course I like pizza (esp. pepperoni with black olives) 😛 I’m also getting married in October and am trying to lose 10 – 20 before then (also just started Nutrisystem since a bunch of people at work like it).

  17. Hi! I’m Andrea from Delaware and about to move to Orlando, Florida by summertime!

    LOVE your new shoes, but not as much as I love pizza!!!! 😉 I’ve gotten hooked on the Amy’s Kitchen organic pizzas. Delicioso!

  18. My name is Susan and the other day my mother told me I’m addicted to nutrition bars. So what!?

    Pizza is okay, but you gotta try garlic fingers. I think they’re an Atlantic Canadian creation of garlic butter, cheese and lotsa grease baked on pizza dough. Sososososo good.

    • Ooh, cheesy bread! That’s what we call it here, anyway. I spent many, many late nights in college with Papa John’s Cheesy Bread.

  19. I’m Wendy & I live several hours east of you, about an hour outside St. Louis. And I love pizza! Esp. with pineapple & green peppers. 🙂

  20. I’m Mariah (and I’m a knottie) and I live in Dallas. I LOVE pizza. I love it so much that I ate an entire medium pepperoni and jalepeno pizza in the span of 20 hours this past weekend and I swear never to do it again! Ugh! That’s just bad and made me feel way too guilty. And it totally jacked up my “healthy” eating I had done the entire week beforehand.

  21. Time to come out of the shadows…
    I love pizza! I also really enjoy running and did my first marathon last October and will do another half this fall. I’m getting married in may and cannot wait!!

    Thanks for letting me share in your ongoings and inspiration!

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