(Not) Up in the Air

Hoo boy.

Long day.

Breakfast was the same…raisin bran a la Holiday Inn. And a side of vitamins. It’s a good thing I’m an excellent pill taker, because those fish oil capsules are yooge.

I did my thing for work.  Then, before making the 2.5 hour drive to the airport I found an Au Bon Pain. Lunch was a big fruit cup, a pesto-Brie-chicken sandwich, and water.

After awhile on the road I had to stop for a pick me up–a Diet Coke and two Hershey’s minis out of my work bag.

I finally got to the airport and did some annoying back and forth about whether I’d be delayed or not. Turns out my first flight was delayed by an hour and fifteen minutes, but I’d still make my flight from St. Louis to KC.

I arrived in STL about 15 minutes before my flight was supposed to leave. All the food lines were long, so I hit up the newsstand for a snack and some reading material for the second flight. I boarded on time, ready to go, around 6:30.

And we sat. And sat. And sat. For over two and a half hours at the gate, waiting for someone to sign off on something. I wanted to eat my arm I was so hungry. I always have an emergency snack in my bag…except that I’d eaten it at about 3 o’clock.  Finally we took off for the 40 minute flight to KC.  I snacked on some peanuts.  Thank goodness for airline peanuts, right?

So, now, at long last, I’m home.  It’s lovely.  I missed Tim and the animals.  Southie clearly doesn’t want me to leave again.

I’m off to take a shower and pack my lunch for tomorrow!

What’s been your worst flying experience?


8 Responses

  1. 2.5 hours at the gate! UGH!!
    I fly about once per month, so I can’t even narrow it down to a worst one. Although I remember being delayed on my first flight, being that jackass running through the airport to my second flight, being turned away because I was about 5 minutes late (it was still sitting at the gate!) and having to spend the night in Philly. Thank goodness for friends in airport cities!

  2. I haven’t been on a plane since I was 8! lol 😳

    Your kitty is so cute 🙂


  3. My worst flight experience was in Montreal a few years ago. My flight from Toronto was late, causing me to miss my flight from Montreal to Quebec City. Since I was on a later flight into Quebec, I missed my shuttle from the airport to the University, where I was studying french for the summer. I was somehow able to communicate to the taxi driver where I needed to get – despite having forgotten any french I had ever learned – and then had to wait for my host family to come retrieve me in my frazzled state. It was awesome.

  4. I have done a TON of flying in my time. I don’t know if it was the worst or not but the most memorable was when we were flying on a little puddle jumper from Dulles to Providence and our plane caught on fire so we had to dump all our fuel around block island then do an emergency landing. Once we landed, they foamed the plane and we had to sit there, on a hot stuffy plane, for a couple of hours until they let us out. We didn’t get our luggage until the next day but at least it was delivered to where we were staying. But yeah, that was supposed to be like not even an hour flight and it ended up taking like 5 hours after it was all said and done.

  5. This Christmas! I had seperately booked flights but scheduled 9(!) hours in between to be safe. Snow storm on the east coast and in Washington DC ruined those plans though. First flight took off 2 hours late, but turned around 25 minutes later. Then we had to wait, went on the plane and out again and waited more. Third time it went all the way but my second flight was delayed too – my third of course on time. I missed that flight by 3 minutes (plane still there, just couldn´t check in) and had to spend the night all alone wondering if I would somehow get home for Christmas.
    Luckily my airline was nice and put me on standby the next day and I got a seat 24 hours later, 15 minutes before departure. I made it home before Christmas – but it was the most stressful flight experience I´ve ever had.

  6. I just caught up on some posts and saw you are reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I love that series. I bought the first book when I was studying abroad for law school this summer in Amsterdam and was hooked on them. Now I am waiting for the 3rd one to be published in the US.

  7. My worst flight experience was on my way to Cuba last year. We had a stopover in a small city about one hour of flying away. We were delayed in the gate for 2 hours, then when we finally got up in the air, we were told we couldn’t land in the other city because of equipment failure or something, so we had to turn around and land in the airport we started at. THEN we had to wait for 3 hours while the people at the other airport got bussed to another one, so we then got back on the plane and did the stopover in another city to pick up the other poor people who had to take a bus! Phew. Yeah, I ate like 3 Luna bars that day and have never felt so sick.

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