Tuscaloosa Tuesday

Today’s definitely been different than the typical Tuesday!

Instead of getting up at 6 for work this morning, I slept in until about 8 since I’m traveling for work all afternoon.  My boss and I agreed it didn’t make sense for me to drive in to work for an hour or two this morning, so instead I woke up, had my breakfast cookie, and went for a run.

It wasn’t a great one.  It was super duper windy!  And my asthma was bothering me.  So, my time was slower than usual, but I got it done.

Strangely enough, my foot doesn’t bother me much when I run…but once I took my shoes and socks off and got in the shower–owwww.  Water+open blister=SEARING PAIN.  I am starting to worry about infection.  It’s turned reddish purple and it burns to the touch.  But, life goes on.  I’m taking the next two days off, but I’ll still be on my feet in heels most of the time so…yeah.  Last night I tried the moleskin and duct tape solution.

Apparently my feet are super sweaty, because even in our freezing cold house this sweated off in about 10 minutes.  Big fail.

Here is the current state of my blister:


(By the way, I apologize for the blister-centric nature of many of my posts lately.  It is a big deal and hurts a lot.  If it’s still getting worse by the time I get home, I’m going to have it checked out.)  A friend of mine almost lost half her leg because of an infected blister, so I’m a little scurred right now.  I think I’m definitely going to go to the sports medicine/running store this weekend and demand some answers.

Anyway.  After running, I showered and decided on a two-part lunch because of my flying schedule:

Strawberry Chobani, thawed frozen bing cherries (YUM), and Erin Baker’s chocolate granola.  Super good!  (I can’t wait until we have our pretty wedding dishes to photograph for the blog.)

Part two was packed for the airport:

A small turkey sammich and a clementine.  I ate these waiting for my flight out of KCI.

While I was flying, I was reading, and reading, and OMG reading.  This book was so good.  And scary!  Definitely recommend it.  It was really slow for the first few chapters, but then it smacked me across the face and I couldn’t put it down.  Definitely will be buying the sequel!

I finished it between my two flights and immediately replenished my reading material at the St. Louis airport.

I’m supposed to be getting a Runner’s World subscription for Christmas, but my aunt said there might be a problem with it and I haven’t gotten an issue yet.  Love this magazine!  The stories kept me busy the whole way to Birmingham.

(I snacked on a Kind Almond and Coconut bar.  My favorite! And I bought a huge bottle of water, too.)

Then, after an hour’s drive, I was finally at my destination–Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I was STARVING after just grazing all day!  Panera to the rescue.

Chicken soup, turkey sandwich.

Now I’m watching the Biggest Loser and decompressing and trying to figure out how to keep the ‘squatch happy while I’m on my feet tomorrow.  Good times.

What’s your favorite magazine? I love Runner’s World, Self, and Cook’s Illustrated!


10 Responses

  1. I definitely think getting the sasquatch checked out when you get home is a good idea. Even if a blister isn’t a huge deal in a doctor’s eyes, they may be able to give you some insight into what’s causing it and how to fix it.

    Love Runner’s World!! I also read Bicycling and Oxygen every month. Sometimes I’ll splurge and get Clean Eating, Women’s Health or even Men’s Health (more meat, less fluff).

    Have fun in Alabama!!

  2. Go to the doc asap!! that blister looks so painful. I’ve had bad experiences with podiatrists so be wary. They don’t go through traditional medical school so I think that’s the problem.

  3. I think you need to go to the doc. That blister does not look well. I would stop running (I know, bad idea) or wear breatheable socks (not cotton). They are a little pricier but so worth it (ie not getting nasty blisters like that).

  4. Wow, that blister does not look good! I too would go see someone about it. Worst case scenario is that they tell you it´ll be alright on its own which would be reassuring anyway!

    And I LOVE the books by Stieg Larsson! They are actually 3 but the 3rd book is not coming out in the US until February or March. I had to get the british version and read it over Christmas!

    I like to read Self, Shape and Marie Claire.

  5. Also re: the Stieg Larsson triology – they’ve made movies out of the three of them, too. They’re in Swedish, but you can get them with subtitles if you’d be interested. Not AS good as the books, but good.

    My favorite magazine is actually GQ – I find it to be quite well-written, and they tend to have really good travel pieces. I got so sick of there always being the same stories in “women’s” magazines.

    Seriously – I bet in any issue of say Glamour or Cosmopolitan there’s always one of three stories:
    – The story of a woman who overcame something traumatic and became stronger.
    – An interview with a female celebrity who’s come to terms with her body/age/father issues/dark past.
    – How to spice up your sex life while respecting yourself.

    Which is FINE (I still buy the magazine if I’m going to the beach or something). I just think it gets a bit old.

    • I agree. Cosmo is the exact same thing month after month. Glamour is a little better, but not by much! If I want to read a fashion magazine I usually go for Marie Claire.

  6. I got that book for Christmas! I am going to start it tonight!

  7. I am a big fan of shape. I still read and like self despite how insane the editor was over the kelly clarkson issue. I’m just starting to get into runner’s world! I stopped subscribing to cosmo a few years ago bc I felt like I was losing brain cells reading it.

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