Running with Sheila

Today is the first opportunity I’ve had to run outside with Sheila the Garmin working properly!  (Reading the user’s manual was really helpful, not shockingly.)

I’m doing a lot of shuffling this week because I’m traveling for work and I have Monday off work.  So, everything’s going to be a little early.  I’m planning on running Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, taking Wednesday and Thursday “off” while I’m traveling, and then doing my long run on Friday and some S&S Saturday.  Today’s task?  3.5 miles.

I have to say–I’m proud of myself.  I don’t think people say that enough.  I maintained my perfect goal half marathon pace–9:55–while running on the treacherous hills in my neighborhood.  And it was just kind of innate–I feel like I have muscle memories of that pace and it just is natural.  I COULD have run a little faster on a flat treadmill, but I think keeping up this pace on hills is a good sign, since my half marathon course is flat.  Go me!

Here’s the final stats:

Then I finally installed my Garmin software on my computer to use and played around with a bit.  Here is the actual graphic proof that my neighborhood is hilly to the max:

You can see the six laps around my neighborhood!

I really like being able to see my stats–my only complaints about the Garmin are a) it takes a few minutes for the satellites to load in the beginning and b) the software is all wonky on my computer.  I keep having to re-load it and it keeps telling me that I need to connect my Garmin since it’s the first time I’m using the software.  Lame.  But, all in all, it’s a good tool.

So, crossing another run off the ol’ training schedule.   Now we’re watching Julie and Julia (despite my irrational dislike of Meryl Streep), and generally decompressing.  I might go buy some prenatal vitamins this afternoon–my hairdresser yesterday recommended them for hair and nail growth and strength!  I have a LOT of hair, but it’s very fine, and as it’s getting longer I want it to get stronger too, so hey, can’t hurt, right?

What are YOU proud of that you’ve done recently?


10 Responses

  1. I take prenatal vitamins for exactly those reasons. I also take extra vitamin C pills as well. I can’t really say anything about running because, ha, that’ll be the day, but at least I can chime in on the vitamins. Definitely take them with food (they can upset the tummy a bit), and if you’re taking them with other vitamins, watch how much iron you’re taking in overall. It can lead to unpleasantness. The payoff in hair and nails is awesome, plus if you’re planning on ever having kids, it doesn’t hurt to be taking them beforehand, either.

    I enjoy reading about your running and all but never have anything to say about it since I… don’t. The day they invent a steel-reinforced sports bra, I’ll consider it.

  2. Congrats on your awesome run!

  3. I also had my first outside run in a really long time today. (Whoa, that was a poorly constructed sentence!)

  4. Great run! I really need to get a Sheila of my own!

  5. Funny, I always thought I had crazy thick hair, but turns out it’s just A LOT of fine hair as well! I reeeeally need to do the vitamin thing…

    Yay for keeping up a great pace in those hills!! That’s nuts how they peak up and down like that…

    I’m proud that I cooked a whack of homemade stuff to last me the week today. I could’ve bought it all, but it’s my attempts at eating well 🙂

  6. I just got my Garmin 305 in the mail a few days ago. I love it but I’m still learning about it. I have the same complaints about the satellites. I ran 3 miles with mine today. Good idea with the prenatal vitamins. I didn’t know that it made your hair stronger, I just thought it made it longer.

  7. I’m proud of myself for finishing my half marathon yesterday! It wasn’t in any record breaking time, and it was my first and I really enjoyed it.

  8. Just FYI about the prenatals (I take them for the same reasons)….most of them are the size of horse tranquilizers and super hard to swallow, and they can be pretty harsh on your tummy.
    I’ve found that taking them with a meal really helps. And I found a brand that they sell at Walmart…it comes in a green bottle with a yellow label…those ones aren’t as big as the other ones and are therefore easier to swallow. Plus I’ve found that they don’t upset my tummy nearly as much as the others. GL!

    • Luckily I have no problem with huge pills. I’ve taken the first two with meals and haven’t had any nausea yet! Hopefully it stays that way.

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