I feel like a cow, because I’ve been grazing all day long!

I had to do something for work from 11-2 that didn’t allow for any eating lunch time.  So I planned ahead with my most favorite Fit n’ Fresh icepack lunch container thing.

A big turkey sandwich, a clementine, and a packet of trail mix left over from my Crimmus stocking.

I ate the trail mix on the way to the thing around 10:30.  It was pretty good.

Then I downed the turkey sandwich around 2 on my way back to work, and the clementine in my office around 3, along with this guy:

Consequently, I never really felt FULL at any point today.  I like snacking, but I like having a big meal in the middle of the day to hold me over.  I wasn’t hungry, but I like feeling full.  There’s a difference.

The benefit of skipping my lunch break is that I left work at 4 instead of 5!  Hooray.

Today’s run wasn’t the best.  My calves felt so tight and my legs generally felt like lead.  Blistersquatch is taking over my foot.  It is now the size of a mouse.  It hurts like hell when I run.  Since it’s on the arch on the inside of my foot, I tend to roll my ankle to put more pressure on the outside of the foot.  By the end of the run, I could feel a shooting pain up my shin, and I was in a lot of pain.  So, I ran three miles–slower than usual, in about 29:30, but I did it.  Then I hobbled back to my car and drove home with pain shooting up my leg the whole way.

Here is a helpful Paint diagram of what happens to my feet/legs when I run.  Note that my left leg is normal, right leg is messed up.

I should have included some radiating pain lines, but I forgot and I’m too lazy to go edit.

Oh well, what can I do other than wait for it to callus over and deal.  It is what it is.

Tell me about your fitness war stories!  What’s the nastiest thing that’s happened to your body while working out?


5 Responses

  1. You are teasing me with that Chocolate Raspberry Luna. Pretty sure of all the flavours that’s my top one. Or top three anyways 😉

    My calves have been uber tight lately too. Have you rolled yours out yet? It makes mine feel like jelly.

    I got some bad road burns from eating it on my bike this summer. But I felt kinda badass leaving a trail of blood behind me while cycling 😛 My worst fear is being on a long run in the woods and having the urge to #2. It happened to me on a treadmill once, luckily I was two seconds from the gym’s clean and well-managed washroom facilities.

  2. I am def gonna have to give that Luna Bar a try!!

    This is gross, but it is super hard to hold in gas while you are trying to run on a treadmill. Obviously,this is why I prefer running outdoors..with a slight breeze!

  3. Darn that terrible Blistersquatch beast! I hope that you heal soon 🙂 I suppose my worst injury happened while working out with my fellow cheerleaders in high school. I dislocated my knee and it hasn’t been right ever since. Any slight, improper movement makes it dislocate again and again. Yuck!

  4. hmm. nastiest thing? having to go number 2 and i was far away from my house. gross. also, i was doing box jumps and i felt my toe nail rip when i jumped. fun times.

  5. your blisters sound incredibly painful. I got enormous ones on my heels from wearing New Balance shoes…never again will I buy those!

    I love the fit n’ fresh containers.. I use them all the time!

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