Rollin rollin rollin

Guess what came in the mail today?

My foam roller!

Hooray!  I asked Santa for one, but he didn’t come through.  So I broke down and bought one on my own on Amazon last week.  Anyway, after work I ran 2 miles in 19:08, and then I did 15 minutes on the elliptical on 15/20 resistance. e (My booty!  It burns!)

I immediately came home and wanted to play with my new toy.

Please note how huge my thighs and fanny are in relation to the rest of my body.  (That’s not a bad thing!  I’m not very jiggly–that’s muscle, mostly.)

In other news, how to keep cats busy for hours:

Milhouse also thinks it’s a toy for him.  I only did a little bit, but I’m going to watch some videos and get to rollin’ after I post.  It felt absolutely fabulous (though painful) on my quads!

In other news, my foot is effed the eff up.  (Beware gross foot picture!)

It’s probably the size of a fingerling potato and just keeps getting bigger.  The little red ridge around the edge is new from this workout.  I don’t get it.  It’s not particularly super painful now, because there’s not much fluid in it, but it’s annoying, especially when I run.  Oh well.

Oh, and I also got some new books in the mail.  I am ridiculously interested in polygamy (interesting fact: I wrote and published a scholarly article on it).  These are both about polygamy.  I just finished The 19th Wife which was really interesting (and factually accurate), and my favorite show, Big Love, just started.  I recommend both!

What weird subjects are you interested in?


8 Responses

  1. There’s a foam roller at my gym, but that sort of grosses me out! I’ve been thinking about buying one, but I don’t even know where to start on how to use them! That’s not true– I just haven’t tried it, so I’m not sucked in as to how they help. I KNOW they do, just haven’t experienced it myself! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be infatuated soon, especially if you keep us up to date on how using the roller goes for you!

  2. Your poor foot!!!!

    And have fun with the foam roller.. I love love love mine!!

  3. Wow funny coincidence that you mentioned polygamy- I’m in the library at school right now writing a paper on the constitutionality of criminalizing polygamy. It is a super interesting topic! Have you heard of Bountiful BC- it’s the mormon community in Canada most known for practicing polygamy.

    I would ask for the citation of your polygamy paper, but the breadth of research is limited to the materials assigned 🙂

    That foam roller looks awesome!

  4. What is the purpose of the foam roller? I read 19th Wife- very interesting book. I’ve never seen Big Love since we don’t get that channel. Maybe it is at the library?

  5. I am fascinated by the Holocaust. I read “Number the Stars” and “Devil’s Arithmetic” in elementary school. My mom even took me to see “Schindler’s List” when it came out (I was 12).

    Looks like the cats had fun with the box. I used to love to torture my roommate’s cat with boxes.

  6. I read Stolen Innocence a couple of years ago and couldn’t put it down til I was done! great read!

  7. Weird interest: Frank Lloyd Wright & his mistress. Mostly his mistress. I read “Loving Frank” on a whim, and couldn’t put it down! Although it’s technically fiction, the writer did tons of research to make it as factual as possible. Plus, the fact that there’s little to no information on this woman – it’s like she didn’t even exist! – makes it more interesting! She influenced him in profound ways, but people won’t acknowledge her. I could go on…

    Plus I’m from Illinois originally, & we have a FLW designed house in my home town, so that could have something to do with my latest googling obsession 🙂

    Good luck with that blister – it looks painful!

  8. I need to start foam rolling again. I’m waking up with charley horses every other night and I bet it can help cure them! It’ll work wonders for you!

    Have you ever watched Big Love? I love that show. I’m weirdly interested in the Rwandan Genocide and Henry VIII/Elizabeth I. Two totally random subjects that I love reading up on and watching things about.

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