Scanner gun fun

Today’s mission?  Finish our damn registries.

We did most of our registering way back between the bar exam and when Tim started working, but we were told to hold off on bedding and towels until after the New Year, so here we are.  Armed and dangerous in Macy’s.

Thankfully, we agreed on bedding quickly.  (Last time we had to pick out bedding together it was a nightmare.  We both had totally opposite tastes.)

Macy’s Hotel Collection, in the Diamonds pattern.  We were kind of shocked/appalled at the price, so we just registered for the duvet and bedskirt, and plain cheaper sheets, but then we got home and saw that everything was MUCH cheaper online for some reason, so we switched back.  Hooray!

We found some nice towels and stuff, too.  Good times.

Then we took a break for lunch.  I remembered I’d seen this out at the mall last time we were there and had wanted to try it.

Dean & DeLuca!  I’d only heard of them on TV and on blogs, but I had to experience it firsthand.

I’m a sucker for a pretty chocolate counter.

I had probably one of the best sandwiches of my life–smoked turkey, brie, and basil pesto on a French baguette…with a big dill pickle.

SO good.  I only ate half and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow.  I couldn’t resist a cookie, though.

Yum.  Tim and I split about 3/4 of it, and the last 1/4 will be in my lunch tomorrow too!

Then we went to Crate & Barrel to poke around, since we were out there anyway.  Tim poses with the space toaster he’s always wanted.

I pose, sadfaced, with the clear glass coffee mugs I love so much (but we haven’t registered for, because some come with our place settings).

And then we laughed at this because we have the sense of humor of fourteen year old boys:

Oh, dear.

The rest of the afternoon will be pretty boring–laundry, ironing, and getting ready for week two of half mary training.  I can do this!

What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever had?

7 Responses

  1. I lovvvvvvved registering! We ignored their advice to wait on linens. We registered anyway. Result? Now everything we registered for is super cheap! Wheeee! 😀

    Best sandwich ever is hard because I have made myself some bomb @$$ sandwiches during my subway days. One of my favs (and oddest) is the fake crab/mayo mix at subway on italian bread, topped with a bunch of shredded cheese and onions, toasted. SO GOOD.

    (Don’t hate!)

  2. We’re registered at the same places.

    My favorite sandwich is this veggie tofu pita with goat cheese spread from a local dive bar. Random but really good.

  3. Gaah, that sandwich does look amazing. Everything down to the pickle on the side! I’m going to cheat and say the best sandwich i ever had was a hamburger my mom made me this summer. It was my first hamburger in over a decade. It was like being reunited with a past love, I will never turn my back on them again 😛

    P.S. I saw you tweet about the Marathon Challenge today. Wasn’t it awesome?

  4. I can’t believe that you didn’t blog about how my first comment about Dean and Deluca was “That was featured on ‘Felicity!'” — Tim

  5. “Best Sandwich Ever” – tough call…
    One of my top contenders is at least a sandwich consisting of whole wheat crusty country loaf, aioli, bacon, brie, cranberry and pesto. In the panini grill.

    Otherwise, I’m actually a huge fan of the openfaced peanut butter with raspberry jam.

    The one from Dean and Deluca looks incredible, though – I love the Felicity comment. 🙂

  6. Easily my favorite part of wedding planning – scan gun hunting through Bed, Bath and Beyond with the hubby. There’s just something about picking out anything you’ve ever wanted and hoping that someone buys it for you..
    My favorite sandwich actually comes from a place that I used to wait tables – Baker’s Crust. It’s called the Malibu and is sliced turkey, muenster cheese, sprouts, tomato, cucumber, smeared avocado & a pesto mayo on whole grain bread. Heaven!

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