KC Masterpiece

I live in Kansas City.  Kansas City is known for barbecue.  Like this.

Arthur Bryant’s, baby.  I run to eat.  Specifically, that is a combo platter with half barbecue beef, and half turkey, and fries.  NOM.  I ate about 2/3 of what’s there (with a lot of added barbecue sauce).

Anyway, backing up, we were AT Arthur Bryant’s because my good friend from college (and blog reader!) Mary was in town visiting her fiance, Matt, who is deploying to Iraq this week.   Mary will hopefully be moving to KC in about a year when he returns–I’m so excited!  They are planning a February 2011 wedding, so there was lots of wedding chat going on.

We had time to kill before our movie and it just happened to be next to a bridal store.  So, I ran in and bought a mermaid crinoline to try under my dress.  We’ll see if I like it or not!

After that, we went to go see Avatar in IMAX 3D.  I was surprised at how much I liked it!  The screenwriting wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible, and the music and graphics were excellent.

We said goodbye at about 6:30 and neither of us were at all hungry.  Our giant lunch held us over, definitely!  I decided I was going to hit up Super Target for some grocery (and other) shopping.  The highlights?

Clementines!  I wish you could buy smaller packages, but oh well.

And also lots of footwear: pantyhose and knee highs for work, non-cotton running socks, and fuzzy slipper socks.  (Tip: buy your pantyhose a size too big.  They’re less likely to run and the crotch will fit properly!)  I’m addicted to my Balega running socks, but they’re getting old and worn and stinky, and at $9.99 a pair, I figured I’d give the $3.99 3-pack a shot first.  (And the slipper socks are just for lounging.)

We’re going to chill at home the rest of the night.  Tomorrow, we’re going to (finally) finish our registries!

In other, random news…I feel like I have the marathon bug.  I want to run a marathon.  I’ve never really felt compelled, but with all the Disney-marathon-mania going on in the blog world lately, and watching Spirit of the Marathon, and some other stuff…I suddenly really want to register for one.  I think I put the thought aside in the fall when I started having asthma troubles, but now that I’m feeling like it’s under control the idea’s back.  I realize how silly this is, because I haven’t even run my 10K or half yet. I did some researching, and it looks like I’d have plenty of time to do a full training program before the Kansas City Marathon in October.   Either way, I’m going to wait until after my half, or at least until I’ve gotten up to double-digit mileage.  We’ll see.

Marathon people: how did you know you were ready?


9 Responses

  1. I ALWAYS buy hose (and leggings) a size up from the recommended on the chart! Much more comfy that way!

  2. I really liked Avatar too and I’m not a sci-fi person at all.

    As for the marathon, I just decided to go for it. I just made sure I had enough time to follow a training plan. I think I had run 2 half marathons before I did the full.

  3. I want that sandwich in my belly now please 🙂 I wish clementines came in smaller packages too. I’m only one girl, I can’t eat a whole giant box before they go bad!

    I’m already planning on doing a marathon in 2011. Maybe fall 2011 so I have the summer to train. I sort of think I’m a crazy person for wanting to do it, but what the hell, why not? 😛

    • I always thought 2011 too, but now I’m being impatient (which isn’t new for me) and thinking about this fall…hmm.

  4. i just know at some point i will do it, like during the half I thought the people continuing on were crazy but when i finished i was just like , yep, i want to do a full now.

    It will come, when you are ready, stick to your goals if you really want them and take it at your own pace.

  5. I’ve got the marathon bug, too! I was thinking 2011, but now I’m seriously considering signing up for Grandmas Marathon in June (I ran two halfs last year, and am already signed up for two halfs this spring – Apr & May). For a little encouragement…I know several women who ran their first half marys last spring in STL, then ran the Chicago Marathon in October. So it’s entirely doable, if you train smart!

    FYI, one of my friends ran her first marathon in KC, and said she wished she would have chosen a less hilly course for her first one!

    • Yeah, the KC course is really hilly–it’d be pretty impossible to run a flat marathon out here unless you went into Kansas.

      I’m actually thinking about Chicago, too–I’d have plenty of family to stay with, and it’s a pretty flat course.

  6. I’m signed up for Berlin Marathon in late September this year, as well as a half marathon locally in August.

    In truth, I’m not at all ready, but I have signed up as a challenge and a motivator – and it’s working as an amazing motivator. Why don’t you train towards it, and see how you get along?

  7. […] look, it’s Mary!  Mary reads the blog and is half of Mary and Matt, who we had brunch and barbecue and Avatar with recently.  Hi, […]

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