Take that, oats in a jar!

I was a crabby panda all day today. It is zero degrees out. Work was out of control crazy. It’s Friday, and usually my day off the gym, but I had to go run. I was not happy.

I snacked on some popcorn this afternoon. I always have popcorn for snacks on Fridays. I don’t know why.

No butter, lots of salt. (Popcorn mixed with M&Ms is the best, but unfortunately not as healthy.)

Then I went and ran. I was determined to get. it. over. with. I was not feeling it, but I started to run and I just felt light and strong and fast. It was great!  I actually think my running has proved immensely since the weather got colder.  When I was little, my asthma would vastly improve after the first hard freeze, and I think the same thing is happening now.  I haven’t had trouble with it for weeks.   Afterwards, the crabbies fell away and I was back to my normal ray of sunshine self. I left the gym and came home to find our new crock pot!

Good thing, too.  We ate our last frozen bowl of chili earlier this week!  I can’t wait to give it a try.

In other news, for those of you who think that Oats in a Jar is the best thing to do with the end of a jar of peanut butter, I present to you a very happy beagle with peanut butter on his snout:

So, a big happy check for week one of half marathon training.  I can do this!

Tonight will involve some relaxation and a little tidying for some visitors tomorrow.  Happy Friday!

What’s your favorite snack?


11 Responses

  1. I really like popcorn with Frank’s Hot Sauce on it. It’s good, I swear.

  2. Milhouse is SO adorable with the PB jar. I’m glad your run went well today! I had a three mile run and I felt quite the opposite of you; my legs were like lead! I’m hoping tomorrow’s 4.5 mi run (which was supposed to be outside, until I saw it was going to be zero out, awesome) goes better!

    My favorite snack… it depends. Red wine with some cheese or red wine with dark chocolate, although those aren’t socially acceptable snacks at work.

  3. Would you mind sending your almost empty jars of nutbutter my way instead? Please?

  4. I’ll never forget the day I had popcorn before going for a bike ride. I was SO thirsty for the duration of it!!! Must’ve worked for you 🙂

    My favourite snack is dates and nut butter. I eat them all the freakin’ time. But for work, I like something I can munch on, like a bar, nuts or grapes.

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! Love the pictures of your adorable beagle 🙂

  6. My favorite not so healthy snack is probably goldfish, but my favorite healthy snack is Greek yogurt or Cheerios!

  7. You got the same crock pot that we put on our registry 🙂 It’s a god-send! I’ve made a couple of batches of overnight oats in it and a few chicken dishes. It’s super easy to clean as well.. love it!
    That is one of the cutest puppy pics I have seen. Is Milhouse a very talkative beagle or is he more quiet?

    I’d say my fave snack is a toss-up between popcorn – which I indulge in almost nightly – and rice cakes or Wasa smeared with PB.

  8. dawww – peanut butter beagle just made my heart sing – SO cute!

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