The theme of today was doing things I WANT to do, but don’t usually have time for.

Thing 1: Yoga! I’ve had a dull headache all day and wasn’t feeling a high intensity strength DVD today.  Suddenly the idea of a yoga podcast popped into my head and I was sold.

I even lit a mandarin orange and cinnamon scented candle!

I started out with Yoga Download‘s 20 minute Yoga for Runners podcast.  I downloaded the pose guide, but it didn’t seem to follow very closely and I got very, very confused after about 7 minutes.  So instead I decided to do 20 minutes of Dave Farmar’s Baptiste Power Yoga in video form.  I guess I’m a visual learner, because this was much more awesome.  I feel all stretchy and loose now and I’m glad I did this!

Brag moment: I can tell I’m getting way better at chatarungas.    I used to just kind of flop on my belly, but I can actually hold the pose for 3-4 seconds now…before flopping onto my belly.  Improvement, right?

Thing 2: I ate a pear.  I love them, but I hesitate to bring them to work because they get so messy and bruise easily.

Thing 3: A (messy) pedicure!

Thing 4: Menus for the wedding. I’m not thrilled with how these are looking just yet.  Obviously I cut this one crooked, but I really want the graphic to be larger.  But for some reason, mysteriously, the graphic will not print out over a certain size. WTF.

Thing 5: Homemade seasoned potato wedges. I admit, I usually don’t have the time or patience for cooking too long on weeknights, so usually I do leftovers or something quick.  Potato wedges tonight–seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, and chili powder, with hamburgers on the side!

Thing 6, Wii, will hopefully be taking place after dinner.

It is fuh-reezing here–the high tomorrow is going to be ZERO–but hopefully the roads will have cleared enough for me to get to work (and, consequently, the gym) tomorrow.  I usually don’t work out on Fridays for ANYTHING, but I’m determined to get my weekly mileage in come hell or high water on this plan.  So, barring any more extreme weather, I’ll be doing my four miles tomorrow on the treadmill.  (I’m blogging about this so I’ll actually do it.  FYI.)

What things do you always want to do but never quite make it to? I think yoga is my big one.


7 Responses

  1. I think yoga is a big thing for me too.

    And I also want to clean up/organize my blog and update the recipe pages and my blogroll and such. Just havent had the time/energy.

  2. Hi Brie!

    I read your blog often but don’t usually comment. I just have to point out that there’s a mistake in your menus since you don’t have them printed yet! Il primi, il secondi and il dolci is incorrect in Italian since its for the single form only or il primo (just one dish). It has to be either I primi and so on for the plural. The menu looks delicious though, I would have to try everything!

  3. I’d love to know what the background pic on your computer is in the first picture. It vaguely reminded me of those Hallmark cards with cute kid couples where everything except the flowers or an article of clothing is in black and white.
    I constantly want to have more time to cook elaborate meals and bake many, many cakes, but I don’t have the time (or money) 🙂

  4. Try wrapping your pears in aluminum foil. It prevents them from getting bruised on my way to work!

  5. Ha, CLEAN! I’m with Leah on blog updates too. I’d like to get a blog overhaul done in the next few months…

    And yay for chatarungas!! Funny, I think I’m getting better at them too. One great thing about yoga is that you can measure your improvements pretty easily 🙂

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