Coffee, tea, and feet

I forgot to show you all my new coffee mug!

I’ve been scouting for a good one since October but couldn’t justify the money.  We have  three already, but two of them just have a hole in the lid and I spill coffee all over myself, and the third is Tim’s and entirely too bulky and complicated for my liking.  Santa left me a $15 Starbucks card in my stocking, so I decided to take the plunge.  I’m very happy!  It’s not too big, cute, and has a snap-tight lid.  Hooray!

I finished the coffee at work and immediately made a mug of hot herbal tea to take the chill off.  I’ve been hydrating and moisturizing like a crazy woman and my skin still feels like sandpaper.  I don’t mind the cold; it’s the side effects I hate.

In other news, it is freezing here.  Like, really really freezing.  The high today is about 15 degrees, and Friday and Saturday will be even worse, with highs of 0 and 5 degrees, respectively.  So, I’m preemptively switching around my training plan for the week.  Instead of doing my “long run” of 4 miles (ha) this Saturday outside, I’m going to do it inside at the gym on Thursday, and do some stretching and strengthening (yoga? Maybe a Jillian DVD?) indoors on Saturday.  (For my newer readers–I live about 30 minutes from my gym.  The gym is about a block away from where I work, so it makes sense to go there on weekdays and exercise at home on the weekends.)

This is all totally okay.  Hal Higdon says so:

  • Juggling: Don’t be afraid to juggle the workouts from day to day and week to week. If you have an important business meeting on Thursday, do that workout on Wednesday instead. If your family is going to be on vacation one week when you will have more or less time to train, adjust the schedule accordingly. Be consistent with your training, and the overall details won’t matter.

This is why I really like Hal Higdon’s plans.  Runners can be really hardcore and nitpicky sometimes (and, well, if you’re trying to run Boston or something I can see why) and those plans just aren’t for me.

So, this week will be:

  • Monday: 3 miles
  • Tuesday: 2 miles and cross training
  • Wednesday: 3 miles
  • Thursday: 4 miles
  • Friday : rest
  • Saturday: stretch & strengthen

I’m sure it will benefit my overall training program to not die of frostbite.

I was planning on finishing my Promax bar before the run, but this gorgeous Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar caught my eye in the drawer and I couldn’t say no.

Yum.  This is one of my favorite flavors of Larabar!

Then I went to the gym and was lucky enough to find an empty treadmill.  The gym was considerably less busy–have the resolutioners given up already?   I ran 2 strong miles in 19:08, so a 9:34 pace.  I feel like I could have pushed a little harder, but I didn’t want to burn out early so I started slow.  Oh well!  Now I know.

Then came the “cross” part of my training.  I decided the elliptical sounded good, so I did 20 minutes at a high incline and resistance.  Good times!

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble with my feets again.  My totally sweet arch callus is blistering again!  (Warning–nasty foot pic ahead):

It’s hard to tell, but that is basically a large blister on the front part of the arch of my foot.  Icky.  I’m going to try tying my shoes super-tight tomorrow and see if that helps?  I’m trying to hold out on new shoes until March…sigh.  (Again, if you’re a new reader: my feet are all kinds of crazy; they are two completely different sizes so no pair of shoes will ever fit both feet; my arches are low and I get real bad blisters.  FML.)

Anyway, what are your opinions on “juggling”?  Good, bad, or only for the lazy and weak?


16 Responses

  1. I am following one of Hal Higdon’s plans too. I need to juggle! I have my general training schedule mapped out, but sometimes I need to rearrange it. Next week I’m driving all day for work on Weds so I switched that to my rest day and will run 2 mi/strength train on Fri (normal rest day). I think as long as you work everything in for the most part you’ll be good to go!

  2. I’m not usually a Larabar fan but that flavor sounds yummy. And I have to take the coffee mug plunge soon too. Ours have all either gotten lost or broken. :/

  3. Have you tried body glide on your feet before you run? I sometimes get blisters on my arches also so I rub body glide on them (among other places) before I run. Also invest in some good anti-blister socks. As you increase your mileage, body glide will be your friend.

    • Sadly, I already have anti-blister socks and they help some, but not much. I haven’t tried Body Glide, but I’ve been using the Band-Aid Anti-Blister Stick which I think is similar. I’ll have to check it out!

  4. I had the same problem with my feet over the summer.. I would get a blister on the same part of my foot as well as on my toes and the ball of my foot.. I took several people’s advice and went and got fitted for sneakers (at a running store). I too have an issue with one foot being slightly bigger than the other and the people at the store were fantastic and found me a pair of sneakers with an insert that work wonders.. haven’t had a blister since AND my calves no longer hurt! I HIGHLY recommend that you go to a store and get fitted, it might be a bit more expensive but it’s worth it.

    • Sadly, I’ve already been fitted four or five times at various running stores and no matter what, I keep having this problem. Boo!

  5. Nice coffee mug! Awesome red color. I am a coffee travel mug snob and have not found one I can love yet. I should try Starbucks; I didn’t know they sold “gear” too!

    I second the suggestion of body glide. My running husband swears by it. Up here in the Northeast, the only place we seem to find it is Dicks Sporting Goods. Good luck!

  6. If you have any cycling shops around, they’ll probably have Body Glide, too. That’s where I get mine.

    I’m using one of Hal Higdon’s plans, too, and I agree w/you about juggling. Sometimes the weather, my body, the kids, etc. just don’t agree with the schedule, so I have to rearrange a bit. No problem. 🙂

  7. What a cute mug! I juggle too, definitely. And I’ve noticed a pattern where I run so much better about half an hour after coffee….eek! not good. I need to cut it out or I will want coffee before every run!

  8. I love Hal Higdon as well and totally let myself juggle the workouts – in fact I take his workouts and rearrange them from the start to work with my schedule. Good luck with the blisters – I also really like body glide.

  9. Have you read about barefoot running? There is a theory that modern running shoes, with all the cushioning/arch support/motion control, actually cause more problems than they help. There are barefoot runners and minimalist runners who use very basic shoes with no cushioning. They say all the padding in shoes actually weakens your feet (and causes low arches) and by taking away the padding you will strengthen your foot and gain better form. It sounds a little kooky and even if it’s not for you it’s really interesting stuff. There is a Barefoot Running forum on if you are interested in learning about it. Also, the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall goes into some detail about it. It’s a really inspiring book for runners, I really recommend it even if you aren’t interested in barefoot or minimalist running.

  10. I’m the juggle queen. I think I make schedules just so I can juggle them 😉 I also don’t blame you for not wanting to run in the cold. The treadmill isn’t THAT bad (or at least, better than frostbite!)

    I’ve heard mole skin is really good for blisters, but I’m not sure if it would work the same on the bottom of your foot. Have you tried it?

  11. i just started reading your blog and it’s awesome! i am training for my first half too and just got a garmin, but haven’t name it yet! question, do you wear it on the treadmill?

    • I don’t, because all it would be good for on the treadmill is as a heart rate monitor and I have a much smaller Polar heart rate monitor that’s just more comfortable. I usually wear my Polar for treadmill running and the Garmin outside!

  12. Have you tried the Band Aid brand of blister patches? They are AMAZING. You put it on, and it immediately helps with the blister. It provides some cushion and you keep it on for a few days. I highly recommend them. They helped out a ton when I got blisters in the exact same spot you got yours! I’m sure it’s probably similar to your blister stick, but I thought I’d recommend it!

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