Back to the grind

Although it’s been pretty un-grindy today.  There weren’t many people in at work, so things were pretty calm!

I went to bed last night at 9:30 and woke up this morning at 6!  I was so tired from our early, early flight and snow digging.  Last night I took Sheila out for a test drive and just ran a mile around the neighborhood.  I was wondering why it wasn’t working until I realized I hadn’t pushed the start/stop button!  Clearly Garmins are too advanced for me.

Anyway, I went to work this morning and found a card and Panera gift card from my boss for Christmas!  How sweet of her.  I do love me some Panera.

I came home to my animals after work!  It’s so nice to be greeted by three warm, furry pals.  Milhouse, Sheila and I headed out for a run.  Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out that I had to reset my Garmin and not just stop/start it until halfway through, so the stats have today and yesterday’s run piled together.  I did about 3.5 miles?

My pace is way off because of the two runs together.  I was happy to see my fastest mile out of both days was 9:18, which is pretty darn good for me!

Preliminary thoughts on the Garmin: obviously, this is an awesome running tool.  I really like the chest strap for the heart rate monitor, which is more flexible (though wider) than the one on my Polar heart rate monitor.  It’s very comfortable!  The unit itself is heavy when you’re paying attention to it, but while running I barely notice it.  The satellites take at least a minute or two to load, which is a little frustrating (especially when you have a dog raring to go), but all in all I think I’m in love.  I like that I can use the lap feature to track my mile times!  I can’t wait until I can load the software on my computer to play with that, too.

In general, I had a really lovely run despite the eight inches of snow and icy conditions.  I felt good and strong after my rest week, which, yet again, cemented my belief that rest pays off a millionfold in the long run.  (Milhouse went inside with Tim at about mile 2.4.  He was cold and whimpering.)  I have to say, I really love running with a dog–it gives me something to focus on, other than myself, and the time just flies by!

Then, I came home and opened the mail to find a nice surprise–Larabars!  I entered their special holiday promotion last week and got four free ones–Peanut Butter Cookie (which I’ve had and liked), Cherry Pie (which I’ve had and not been a huge fan of), Tropical Fruit Tart and Key Lime Pie (neither of which I’ve had).  Sweet!  I big puffy heart free stuff.

Who are your running buddies? I think Milhouse is mine, and of course now Sheila the Garmin too.


9 Responses

  1. Glad you are enjoying the Garmin. I think it’s funny but I definitely have had my share of forgetting to turn it on, etc haha.

  2. I’m jealous of your Garmin! I wanted one for Christmas but didn’t ask Santa in time 🙂

  3. I’ve been interested in getting a Garmin… but really dislike wearing a chest strap.

    Yay for free Lara Bars!

    • It works without the chest strap, you just won’t get the heart rate/calorie burn feature of it. You’d still be able to calculate distance and pace!

  4. Jodus always sets his Garmin out on our deck while he’s prepping for his run so the satellites will load.

    Also, just FYI, even though you are wearing the chest strap, the calorie burned calculations that Garmin does is based off distance/speed/pace not on your heart rate. I think you have to download a patch or something to have it revert to HR calorie calculations which are far more accurate. I don’t think you are calorie counting right now, just FYI.

  5. I just found your blog and love it! I’m recently engaged, so I’ll definitely be coming back for wedding planning tips!

    I was gifted a Garmin awhile back and recently discovered that you can set it to auto-lap every mile (or at whatever distance you like). I kept forgetting to hit lap until I learned about that feature.

  6. Ohh, love hearing your thoughts on the Garmin! I’ve told myself that I’ll buy one if I ever start training for a marathon. Or, until I break down and finally splurge 😛 I’d love to see my mile splits, I think that’s its greatest feature.

    My running buddy is my iPod nano and Nike +. I love the Nike when I’ve set a new distance record and Lance Armstrong cuts in to congratulate me 😉

  7. My running buddy is usually my ipod nano. Although sometimes it’s my friend Joan.

    I have a really hard time running with my dog. He abruptly stops and I end up tripping over him or stepping on him.

  8. I love my garmin! My other running buddies are my ipod touch and my cold weather gear.

    I used to get super frustrated when I would walk out the door, turn the garmin on and have to wait for it to load. I started turning it on and placing it on a windowsill while putting on my running clothes and it’s always good to go by the time I walk out the door.

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