Massive Christmas Recap, Part the Second

Overnight, Santa Claus came!

Lots of stockings and overflow bags!

Tim and I opened our stockings together (before showering, and makeup, forgive me)

I got lots of fun things–a cookbook, new spatulas, a candle, some lotion, a Starbucks card, lots of chocolate, and a ridiculously cute animal picture calendar.  (I’m so transparent.)  Tim may or may not have gotten some Nutella in his!

We passed out the gifts.  Sorting them between 20 people is a production!  It probably takes half an hour.

Everyone gets a pile!  We go in age order, from youngest to oldest, around and around.  (It always devolves into a free-for-all after about three hours.)  Some of my highlights?

Yay!  Santa listened!  (Or my mom.)  We decided that her name is Sheila.  So, please meet my new running buddy, Sheila.

I got Tim a fancy watch for Christmas, so we both had to be watch models.

And our registries got some more action!

Our toaster oven from my lovely sister!  Now I don’t have to flip our toast to get it toasted on both sides!  (We had to do a little return and re-buying due to its size, but it’s well worth it!)

A nice new hand mixer! We also got the giant fancy crock pot off our registry, but my cousin is shipping it to us because it was too big for the plane trip.

Tim’s present was sadly delayed in shipping, so I haven’t gotten it yet, but he got me a jewelry box and a gift certificate for a manicure!  I spent about an hour and a half untangling my various necklaces a few weeks ago and he took the hint.  I can’t wait for it to come!

I also acquired some awesome new cookbooks:

I literally finished the last little piece of our Halloween candy right before we left for our trip last week.  Our candy pumpkin is full again thanks to Santa, this time with the good stuff–Ghirardelli and my personal favorite, Fannie May.  (Is Fannie May a Chicago thing or nationwide?  Either way, their chocolate is to die for.)

This post is not only going to contain gratuitously cute animals in sweaters photos, but SANTA BABY photos. You’ve been warned.

Towards the end of present opening, Tim called his parents and brother and sister-in-law to check in.  When he came back, we got some great news–we’re going to be Aunt Brie and Uncle Tim in August 2010! This will be our first niece or nephew and we’re so excited.  I plan on buying lots of adorable baby things, most likely hats with various animal ears and onesies with sarcastic phrases, and diverting any baby fever symptoms I’m having in their direction.  We’re so happy!  Talk about a great Christmas surprise.

Later on in the day, we munched on appetizers and Christmas dinner.  We have pork tenderloin and spaetzle, which is kind of a chewy German spaghetti that’s served with gravy and is awesome.  But the star was dessert, crafted by my cousin/bridesmaid Brandy and I–egg rolls stuffed with banana and Nutella, served with dulce de leche sauce.

Ohhh yeah.

Once a year, right?

After dinner, we engaged in a long standing holiday tradition–bingo!  We wrap up household products and use those as prizes.

Yes, we are five.  (We also played numerous games of Uno, Life, and Apples to Apples over the weekend.  Oh, and Tim learned to play Gin.)  I won some toilet bowl cleaner and shower cleaner!  Woo!

We went to bed on Christmas happy and full.

The next morning, we were on a mission–flower girl dress shopping with the adorable Miss Maddie.  We ended up going to three shops before we found something I liked.  (Yes, I’m a prude, but three year olds should not be wearing spaghetti straps…and EVERYTHING had spaghetti straps.  Ugh!)  We picked this dress, but it will be in pink with an ivory sash.

Maddie may or may not have been bribed with candy to stand still to be measured (twice).  She would have been fine without it!  She’s so adorable.

Then we went and had the most delicious lunch–I had pad thai, which I love, but I always forget I love it.   So, remind me next time, okay, Tim?

The snow was starting to fall so we hurried to get on the road back to Chicago.  Our trip took an extra hour, but we made it home to my mom’s house safely.  We ended up meeting my bridesmaid Teresa, her husband Marc, and her sister Melissa for a drink late that night, but we had to be up for an early flight!  My uncle picked us up at 5:25 a.m. for our flight to Kansas City.

Luckily, security and baggage check wasn’t bad at all!  I think we beat the rush flying today.  Of course, we got on the shuttle to the economy parking lot just as it was pulling up with no wait, and Tim made the mistake of saying, “Everything’s going our way!”

Then we discovered this:

That’s our car.  With snow plowed up to the bumper.  With no shovel or ice scraper to speak of in it.  (Tim took mine out of my car and didn’t return.)

We got creative and used two baking dishes/cookie sheets my mom gave me as shovels!  It actually wasn’t too bad and we dug ourselves out in about 15 minutes, but my penny loafers, gloves, and jeans were frozen and wet by the time we got home.  It felt great to get back in my nice warm jammies!

Today’s a catch-up day–grocery shopping, unpacking, and the like.  We can’t pick the animals up until tomorrow morning, unfortunately, but hopefully everything will be in order by the time they come home.  I miss them!  It’s back to work tomorrow for me, too.  I’m hoping I’ll get a nice run with my new Garmin in afterwards!

What was the highlight of your Christmas? I had an awesome year!  I’m so excited about Napa Valley, but I think that a little niece or nephew on the way is my favorite memory.


11 Responses

  1. That’s great news about a niece or nephew coming 🙂

    I love that you guys play Holiday Bingo…and I am totally amazed by 20 people opening presents! We do it with 5 and it’s crazy haha

  2. Congrats on being an auntie!!! Man, my sisters need to step up their game, I want a little niece or nephew too! 😛 That is quite the Christmas haul, that Garmin will be perfect for half marathon training 😉 I also just showed pictures of those eggrolls to my mom and we both had to wipe drool from our chins. Hope your flight went okay!!

  3. Aww, sounds like you had a great holiday and congrats on the baby news!

  4. Expecting a review of the Garmin soon! And I love Fanny May chocolate. Used to live near an outlet store in Chicago.

  5. I got a garmin too!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so psyched!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to wear it to my bikram yoga class -because nobody really knows how many cals it burns and i’d like to personally know how many cals -I- can burn. the only problem is i’l be sweating like a pig for 90mins……not a clue how to protect the garmin…hrmph! thoughts?? i was thinking maybe saran wraping it…..

    • I’m pretty sure the Garmin is water/sweatproof. If people wear them to run marathons, I’m assuming they can take a lot of sweat!

      • I have heard of a few Garmins getting damaged from running too long in the heavy rain (like half marathons or fulls) but mine has never been damaged from sweat or light rain.

  6. We hand out gifts the same way at home. I love seeing what everyone gets.

    You are going to love the 305! 🙂

    My highlight was being able to stay home and relax 🙂 It was nice not to travel this year.

  7. Oh I’m so jealous ofyour new Garmin! Lucky girl. 🙂 Glad you had a great Christmas!

    Your nutella & banana eggrolls are GENIUS. They sound and look so good.

  8. Fix it and Forget It is a great cookbook! I use my copy all the time. You’ll love it!

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