Massive Christmas Recap, Part the First

PHEW.   Talk about a crazy, but fun, trip!

We left for the Kansas City airport early on Wednesday.  We split a pastry at Starbucks, and I chugged a giant OJ to help ward off plane germies.

After a quick flight, and a not-so-quick snowy/rainy four hour drive, we were at my aunt and uncle’s house!  They live next door to their middle son, so we all crash somewhere between their houses.  In total, we had about 20 people camped out for the holiday!

This was the state of presents when we arrived:

Please note that they are stacked up to the top of the fireplace mantel.  And it only got worse/better as time went on!

Tim and I were so excited to meet my new second cousin, Connor.  He’s our flower girl’s little brother and is perhaps the cutest baby ever.  He has the sweetest disposition and is so happy all the time!  He is blind, but still loves to play and cuddle and is no different from any other baby.  Behold the cuteness.


Oh, and then I got a big surprise.  I wish I had the “reaction shot” pictures, but since it was a surprise, we were obviously not prepared with the camera.   My uncle has a bar in his basement, and we were all sitting around having a cocktail late that night and my sister starts asking for a glass of wine.  Which is weird, because my sister rarely consumes alcohol that isn’t some lurid color or in a drink ending in -tini.  She starts talking about how she only likes sweet wine, and usually she mixes wine and Squirt to create a cocktail to her liking (wine snobs everywhere just died a little)…and then whips out a piece of paper and says, “Or…how about we go get some wine in Napa Valley at your bachelorette party in April?”

I was shocked!  She and my bridesmaids booked a plane ticket and hotel for me for the weekend after my big half marathon.  It will be pretty small–me and my sister, my mom, my bridesmaid Teresa, and her mom and sister, Lynn and Melissa.  (I grew up with their family, so I’m close to all of them.)  I’m super excited and so thankful.  My sister is really incredible, and it was so sweet of her to plan a trip around something she knows I love (wine, food) that she doesn’t.  (She has threatened to bring a flask of Squirt with her to the wineries.  We’ll see.)

The next day was Christmas Eve.  We spent most of the day doing last-minute shopping and wrapping, and also making and consuming pudding shots.  I’m not sure what was in them, but I think they involved instant pudding, Cool Whip, and liquor.  I will e-mail my cousin for the recipe and post it here.  They were dangerously good!  We made Oatmeal Cookie shots, Kahlua chocolate shots, Slippery Nipple shots….good times.

Then, preparation for our traditional Christmas Eve fondue dinner was underway.  Clutch your pearls, ladies–we basically fry beef in canola oil.  But it is delicious!  We also have dirty rice, salad, bread, and assorted veggies.  I end up eating more of the side dishes anyway!

Then, after dinner, we had our tacky sweater competition, which went well until I broke out in bumps from my Goodwill sweatshirt!  Yick.

Even Duncan the doggie got in on it:

Sadly, I did not win.  But it was fun nonetheless!

Be back later with a recap of the rest of the weekend!


6 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh look at all those presents! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  2. Oooh, that’s an awesome bachelorette party idea!! I’m not a big wine person, so I understand your sister’s need for Squirt 😉

    Your cousin is adorable!!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear the rest – I’ve been keeping up on your tweets 🙂

  3. What a great gift! That will be so much fun for you and your bridesmaids.

  4. Napa Valley will be amazing! That is so sweet of your sister, and a nice reward after your half marathon!

  5. Yay! Napa Valley! What a wonderful surprise!

    I love the huge pile of gifts! 🙂

  6. SO jealous of your Napa trip!!!

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