Christmas Party!

Well, poodles, I’m beat so this will be a quickie!

I slept in and ate a giant breakfast.  Halfway through said giant breakfast I realized, “Crap, I was going to go running.”  I finished said giant breakfast, looked at the weather report feeling sluggish, and decided, “ah, hell, it’s going to be warmer tomorrow with less to do anyway.”  So, I’m running tomorrow instead of today.

Tim and I then went to the bank and I ran a few errands.  Including but not limited to buying my tacky holiday sweatshirt for our family get-together this year:

It’s glittery.  With bears.  (I’d had a few glasses of wine before taking this picture.  Obvi.)

Then I spent the afternoon with these puppies:

55 invitations are totally done and ready to be mailed.  Okay, that’s a lie, because I have to put stamps on the RSVP postcards and slide those in, but mostly almost done.  40ish to go!  I will finish these tomorrow if it KILLS me.

Then we got ready and headed to our first and only holiday party of the year with Tim’s family.  I didn’t photograph dinner, but this is the aftermath:

I consumed many many pita chips with pesto-stuffed Brie, and endured equally many jokes about me being spread on a cracker, taking a bite out of me, et cetera.  Dinner was a delicious green salad, beef tenderloin, potatoes, and bread, and dessert was a delicious Grand Marnier soaked trifle with lots of fruit and pudding.  Yum!  Oh, and I may or may not have had a glass each of chianti, cabernet, and pinot grigio.

I loved the centerpiece!


After dinner, a few presents were opened and I handed out the boxes of baked goods I made for everyone.

I am not sure why my photos turned out so crappy.  Sorry, dudes.

We had a lovely time.  Tim’s family is so much fun!  I wish we got to see them all more often.

Anyway, the agenda for tomorrow is church, run, finish invitations, ironing, and preliminary Crimmus packing.  One or more of those things will probably not happen, but hey, shoot for the moon!

Have a great night!

What’s your go-to wine to bring to parties? I love Kenwood Cabernet–I hope everyone else liked it as much as I did!


5 Responses

  1. Woohoo! So exciting about the invitations.

  2. Red Diamond Cab Sauv@!!

  3. Your sweater is SO cute! I wanted to be invited to a tacky sweater party JUST so I could buy a tacky sweater. No luck here though 🙂

  4. Ha! Love that pic of you! That dinner sounds gourmet, holymoly. I don’t drink wine. I never acquired a taste for it. I’ve tried time and time again to drink glasses, but I always just wish they were whiskey (my absolute fave)

    • I’m a pretty picky wine drinker. I always thought I should stick to whites because I know they’re generally considered more palatable and drinkable, but I HATE most of them, except rieslings. I finally started drinking reds and realized I LOVE cabernets, syrah, and red zins. I also can’t really drink wine straight–it really is more enjoyable with food!

      Whiskey, blech! That’s hardcore.

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