Friday traditions

Happy Friday!

First things first: the random winner of the Chobani giveaway is Hallie!  Congrats!  E-mail your mailing address to thefitbride at gmail dot com and I’ll send it away so you get your free case of yogurt.  Enjoy!

Today I beguiled my co-workers with my baking skillz.  Red velvet cake balls, German chocolate cake balls, peppermint brownies, and peanut butter cookies.  Nom!

I may or may not have had a peanut butter cookie myself.  It was delightful!  The peppermint brownies are also a big hit.

Anyway, as predicted, I’m verrrry sore from my lifting yesterday.  My quads and back muscles, especially, are whining.  I usually don’t get sore in the back, which makes me happy, because that means I’m working it well.  Those lat pulldowns can really be a killer.  I’m happy today is a rest day!

Not too much to report here–we’re planning a nice easy night of bumming around the house.  As per Friday night tradition indicates, we’re going to make homemade pizza and catch up on our Tivo.  If I can muster up the energy, maybe I’ll work on wedding invitations a little.  (MAYBE.)  I am so ready for these stupid little suckers to be done with!  I’ve been working on these intermittently since FEBRUARY.  I don’t think I’ll ever be more happy to mail something in my entire life.  I stopped at Michael’s to pick up the last stuff I’d need (hopefully) to get them done, so we’ll see.

Have a great night!  Do you have any weekly traditions?

I’ve been on a soup kick lately.  The old school, plain, chicken noodle and tomato soups, straight out of a can.  I don’t know why, but I find them so filling!  Maybe all the liquid?  The heat?  Who knows.

6 Responses

  1. What exactly are “cake balls”? Do you have recipe?

    Then again, maybe I don’t want it. It sounds like an easy way to consume tons of delicious cake. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain on the invitations – from conception to completion, ours took months! Take assistance if you can. For example, when I had to do the final assembly, I had DH and his sister help me and we had a nice rhythm going!
    Your baked goods look so yummy. It makes me even more excited about my annual baking day with my mom tomorrow!
    Have a great weekend, Brie!

  3. Those treats looks amazing! I tried to make those cookie cups things and it went horribly, terribly wrong. My first real baking FAIL.

    Thanks for picking me to win!

  4. Ah!! I made cake balls AND peanut butter cup cookies yesterday!! You were right, the balls are a touch time consuming, but the work itself is incredibly easy. I could stand for a lesson on chocolate coating though 😉

    My schedule is so screwed up it’s hard to have weekly traditions. I suppose I always have Sunday evenings off, which is usually laundry/cooking/butt firmly planted on couch.

  5. […] entered Brie’s Chobani giveaway, and I won! I think the yogurt gods are smiling down on me or something. Now, since Oikos is […]

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