So, we have a flower girl.  And a ring bearer.  And they don’t have clothes.  And I know I probably SHOULD care, but well, this is one of the areas where I’m having trouble mustering up some kind of opinion. 

My original plan was to let the flower girl pick out her outfit.  I remember the first time I was a flower girl–I had to wear this itchy starchy lace dress and hated it and scowled the whole time. But, then my mother reminded me that three and a half year olds generally do not make solid clothing decisions.  Very true.  We are taking said adorable flower girl shopping for her dress after Christmas.  See?  Adorable.


My criteria for a flower girl dress are as follows:

  • Flower girl likes it.
  • Not white, unless accented with some color.
  • No hoochie strapless or spaghetti strap.  (Yes, they exist.)
  • Preferably pink or champagne colored.

I like this one.

The above dress is from David’s Bridal.  I will start with a disclaimer–I HATE David’s Bridal, mostly because they spam the crap out of you whenever you give them your phone number or e-mail address.  If I get onemorefeckingphonecall from RP Bridal telling me I’ve won a free honeymoon, I will go batshit crazy.  But, we’re trying to keep these cheap, and that they are.  I think this is pretty cute.

(Sidenote: isn’t it creepy that David’s website has a “mini bridal” category for flower girl dresses?  Cree. Pee.  See?)

Anyway, I like this one too:

And also this one.

(Images above from David’s Bridal’s website.)

So, we’ll see what she likes the day of and hope it’s not her favorite Dora t-shirt.  She is also really into shoes, for a kid, so maybe we’ll find her some fun ones. Who knows.  (Can you tell I’ve never in my life dressed a child before?)

Then, there’s the issue of the “ring bearer.”  Our ring bearer will be turning two shortly after our wedding.  We are getting married in a big scary church.  Not a good combo.  So, to have him included, we’re going to have him sit in one of the front pews and meet the flower girl up there and just do a tiny bit of walking.  He will be in the photos and look cute and his grandma and grandpa will be thrilled.

I’m also not a big fan of babies in tuxes.  It creeps me out.  In a quest for the appropriate formalwear for male tots, I came across the Eton suit.  Which looks like this:

(Image from

So, it’s kind of like a shirt with bowtie, with short pants and a cardigan?  And it’s worn with a kicky pair of knee socks.  I love knee socks.  Anyway, I think it’s much more child appropriate than a tux, so we’ll see about getting one of these.  If the kid winds up in a tux, I won’t sweat it. 

What are your opinions of formalwear for tots?  Mini-bride trend: creepy or cute?

7 Responses

  1. This is too funny! First – the mini bridal trend weirds me out a little. Child bride anyone? Let the children maintain their innocence & wear a fun, cute dress. I’m hoping to put my flower girl in a super poofy tutu-like dress (tulle everywhere!) which shouldn’t be too hard to do since she wears her pink tutu every day. And hey, if she wants to wear (a nice, light shade of) pink at the wedding – go for it sister. My mom thought it would be “cute” if she was in a lacey dress similar to mine – no. The kid is already referring to it as “her” wedding! I have to keep her in her place! (I am, of course, joking. She is adorable & will steal the show inevitably).

    We don’t have a ring-bearer as my little brother is the youngest boy, and he will be 10 by the time of our wedding. As such, I’m thinking he’s a little old for such a job, and he has informed me he doesn’t want to be “the dude” anyway (when he started watching The Big Lebowski, I’m not sure). He will be in a matching tux, & will probably seat my mom or something. He’s a shy kid, so the less he has to do, the better. (Although if I could put a little boy in that friggin’ adorable outfit you found, I would in a heartbeat! Knee socks?! Love it!)

  2. Mini-bride trend also weirds me out! My cousin got married 2.5 years before me. We both had the same cousin be our flower girl. My cousin dressed her almost as a replica as herself…down to the hairstyle and tiara. Very, very weird. For my wedding, my cousin wore a similar style as the bridesmaids because she was almost 8 and didn’t really want a frilly dress or anything.

    I just found your website and I’m loving hearing about your wedding. I got married in May and I’m still sad it’s over. It was the most amazing and wonderful day of my life. The morning after our wedding, my husband and I went out to breakfast before heading to my parents for the gift opening and I just started crying. My husband was freaked out and when he asked me what was wrong I could barely get out that I was sad our wedding was over! Good luck with the rest of your planning:)

  3. You are so funny! Maybe have a couple dresses picked out that you like and then have the flower girl choose which one. That way she can say she chose it…

    I think a little tux would be ok… Again maybe let the little one choose out of a couple you chose?

    I wish I could get married all over again 🙂

  4. Mini-bride is verrrrrrry creepy. Can’t stand it!

    There are a ton of cheap (and some cute) options on Flower Girl Dress for Less. We bought my FG’s dress (for my baby sis!) there and it worked out perfectly. Less than $50 including shipping and it was in great condition. She loved it!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the first FG dress and the 2nd dress is very summer-y.
    I have been to weddings and seen mini-bride dresses, including an exact replica of the bridal gown in smaller version. it was very, very creepy! I couldn’t even imagine what her father thought of it!
    Baby boys in tuxes? Also a little odd. I’d go with black pants, nice shoes and maybe a nice sweater/collared shirt combo for a 2-year-old.

  6. Love the dresses you have picked… are you going to order them in that color?

    I think it is creepee to have little bride look alike flowergirls.

  7. Hi, new reader here! I also live in MO, but on the other side of the state, near STL. 🙂

    My daughter has been flowergirl in three weddings now, and I’ve never paid much for a dress. Two were special occasion dresses I got on clearance at JCPenney – now is GREAT time of year to find them! The third was an actual flowergirl dress that a relative found at a thrift shop, but for that wedding she had a more casual cotton dress to change into that was equally adorable, and would have been suitable for the wedding had we not had the other dress. My daughter is REALLY girly, so getting her to wear the dresses was never a problem. I also like the colored dresses vs. the white/ivory. The dresses you have picked out are adorable, as is the ring bearer suit! It’s perfect for a summer wedding.

    I agree…mini-brides ARE kinda creepy!

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