Good morning!

Don’t usually post this early but I have a few extra minutes today.  Today’s brekkie cookie was seriously fabulous.  Contents?

  • oats
  • coconut
  • dried cherries
  • chocolate protein powder
  • Ghirardelli chocolate chips
  • TJ Natural Creamy PB

With a healthy dose of coffee on the side.  I’m strictly a one cup a day girl–anything else makes my stomach ache.  It can’t handle the acid.  However, I do have a nasty Diet Coke habit I should TRY to kick or at least reduce…but I’ve tried and failed several times before.  I know the artificial sweeteners are terrible for me, but at least it’s diet, right?  I drink 1-2 cans a day.  (Which is down from my 3-4 cans a day in law school, so, hey, progress!)  I also usually drink a mug of herbal tea in the afternoon!  However, I drink lots and lots of water–at least 2 of my giant 24 ounce Camelbaks, and much more if I work out.

Today will be kind of play it by ear.  Tim’s not sure when he’s getting back from his trip and it’s still COLD here!  If he gets back in the afternoon (I hope), he’ll be able to take the dog out and I can go to the gym.  I’m feeling like some serious weightlifting!  But if he’s back later, I’ll come home and attempt to brave the freezing weather again. 

And finally, cute animals to get the day going in the right direction:

What’s your caffeine intake like?  Are you happy with it or trying to reduce it?

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15 Responses

  1. I WAS happy with my caffeine intake, for a few months anyway. Leading up to my wedding last summer I only had 1 cup of coffee a day and NO soda (and I love a Diet Dr Pepper!). Now the coffee/soda are creeping back into my life, but I still drink lots of water too. I shoot for 2L a day.

    Pwwwecious kitties!

  2. I used to drink 1 cup per day, but even that bothered my tummy after awhile- so now I have no caffeine. Some days I miss it but usually I’m glad I don’t have to deal with one more thing in the morning 🙂

  3. i ❤ coffee and caffeine!

  4. I can’t generally have more than half a cup of coffee w/o tummy troubles… unless, oddly enough, it is like a latte or misto or something. I think the soymilk helps to neutralize it or something? I can drink a venti misto no problem! 😀 I do like the occasional cup of tea. And the even more occasional natural soda.

    You gotta kick that DC habit, lady!

  5. I have a diet coke problem too but it’s gotten much better. I used to drink 3-4 a day and now I have maybe 3-4 a week. My problem is that I like the caffeine boost, but don’t like the taste of coffee.

  6. I have gone in and out of my caffeine addiction (diet sodas, I do not like coffee). I gave it up for about five months earlier this month after some research. I was having some blood sugar issues and learned that caffeine stimulates your pancreas and creates more insulin, thus lowering your blood sugar. I noticed it significantly one night at the movies. I had a coke zero and on the way home, I couldn’t think about anything but eating, my blood sugar was so low.
    Now I’ve (unfortunately) allowed it back into my life. I still notice a drop in blood sugar when I drink it, but I enjoy the (fake) sweetness of it. I’m at about 1-2 per day. BAD ANNE!

  7. I love your blog it is very inspirational! I’m excited to follow you to your “I do’s”

  8. My caffine isn’t too outta control, but I do try and keep my eye on it — there are worse vices, however! 😉

  9. I used to drink diet coke like water… Then I switched to water 🙂 I would always order diet coke at restaurants but to save a little money I order water now… Coffee is another story. I’m like you I can only drink a cup a day or my tummy gets upset.

  10. Your kitties are so cute! The black one looks kind of sad, hee hee.

    I don’t drink caffeine, just water all day. So I am okay with it. I just get it in some food, I suppose.

  11. That breakfast cookie sounds amazing!! I need dried cherries, stat.

    I drink two coffees in the morning. Either all at once in a giant mug, or divided between pre and post-workout. Anything later in the day will keep me up well in to the night! And not having coffee in the morning is NOT an option 😛

    I don’t drink pop (or “soda” as you Americans call it). The bubbles hurt my tongue!

    • It depends where you are in America! In Chicago, it’s definitely pop, but in the east coast/west coast I think it’s usually soda. And in the south, everything is called Coke, which is REALLY confusing.

  12. The breakfast cookie looks delicious! Mine are never very pretty.

    I have a real caffeine problem. I also have a 2 year old and a 3 week old so I think it’s understandable. 😉 I usually have a cup of coffee + 1 glass of Diet Coke a day. I really need to cut back since I’m nursing but sometimes you just need the caffeine.

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