Dee Vee Dee

Good evening, all!

This was honestly a very uneventful day.  I had tomato soup and yogurt for lunch.  Work was smooth sailing.  It’s still really, really cold.  Good times!

Tim called me about 3:30 to let me know he’d be home around 6:30 tonight.  This meant that I couldn’t get to the gym after work because I had to go home to take the dog out.  I was a little sad because I’ve been dying for some weightlifting and a treadmill run, but, hey, no big deal, just means I have to get creative with my workout again!

Yesterday’s Wii workout wasn’t the most successful and I was honestly left feeling lazy and un-worked-out.  No good.  Then, of course, later that night I remembered that I do own an actual workout DVD that I used to enjoy and do all the time: Biggest Loser Cardio Max.  So, I decided that would be the perfect solution for tonight, since it’s still a wee bit too cold to hit the pavement.

This DVD is divided up into three “levels.”  Level one is with friendly trainer Bob.  This section is about 20 minutes, and uses light weights.  Again, I don’t consider this weightlifting, rather accelerated cardio.  He uses simple moves like jumping jacks, combined with more advanced moves.  He uses some interesting wood-chop-like moves that I really like for some reason.’

Then, it’s Jillian time!  You all know I’m a big Jillian fan, and, as  usual, this is the highlight of the DVD for me.  It’s 10 minutes with her, but it’s an intense 10 minutes (of course).  She uses a lot of her standard moves that appear in all her DVDs, but this is a fun section that flies by.

The third and final section is with former Biggest Loser trainer Kim Lyons.  I don’t know how to put it other than bluntly–this part of the DVD sucks.  It is not hard and she shrieks a lot.  It’s like watching Fitness Barbie on crack.  At this point, I remembered from my past experiences, it is a great idea to mute the TV, or skip back and do Jillian’s section again if you’re a glutton for punishment.

Buckley decided he wanted to participate as well:

All in all, I give this workout 4 stars out of 5.  It’s good, but Kim just ruins the whole thing for me.  You all know I’m in at least half decent shape–don’t let the “Biggest Loser” title fool you, this is a pretty challenging workout.   There’s a lot of plyometrics (jumping) involved, which is really pretty advanced stuff. I doubt that someone very out of shape would be able to keep up without some serious modifications.   It’s also nice that the background people are past contestants.  I’m not a compulsive Biggest Loser watcher–I watch most of the episodes, but didn’t start until last year–but it’s good to see regular-looking people working out and not super thin dancers.

By the time I’d finished and showered, Tim was walking in the door!  It’s so good to have him home again.  It’s been awfully quiet around here!

Team Bob or Team Jillian?

9 Responses

  1. Team Jillian! I like her no-bullshit take on things, even though she’s a sellout with her diet pills. 😦

    It’s way too cold to run here, too, so I did the shred tonight.

    • Love the Shred! I actually know it by heart I did it so much last summer, haha. Probably shouldn’t admit that, though…

  2. Thanks for the DVD review! I’ve been seeing the Biggest Loser DVDs a lot lately and have been wondering if they’re actually challenging…

    I like Bob’s style of training more, but Jillian’s got the better moves. I’d like Jillian’s know-how with Bob’s execution 😉

    That picture of Buckley is TOO CUTE.

    • Ohmygosh, and I only just clued in to what the title of this post means! Duh.

      • Ha! I am horrible at thinking of post titles.

        I think Biggest Loser DVDs are hit or miss. The “Power Sculpt” one kind of sucks, if I remember correctly–lots of light weights and high reps, which is a snoozefest.

  3. Aww, Buckley! You’re so cute!

    I have never seen the show, but I have a Jillian DVD that I like. I wonder if I could borrow a copy of this one from the library. Maybe I can mute the part with the shrieking woman!

  4. Bob! Jillian scares me… But she’d probably get the most weight off…

  5. I love Jillian. She is such a badass. But I do echo the sentiments about her being a sellout with those diet pills. I was kind of disappointed when those commercials came out.

    I actually just signed up for a few personal training sessions and asked the manager if he has anyone like Jillian Michaels because I need that kind of motivation. 🙂

    Thanks for the review, I’ll be adding this to my Netflix que!

  6. I’ve been doiing the shred- it’s great. Just bought 3 more @Costco. $7.99 each and $2 off each with coupon good until 12/20. I got CardioMax, No
    MoreTroubleZones, and BL Yoga.

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