Living Single

Well, obviously not, since Tim and I are still happily together, but I’ve been living like a single girl for the day.  He won’t be home until tomorrow sometime, so I’m all by my lonesome (except for, you know, the two cats and dog).

Last night I made the brilliant realization that I could, in fact, cut two invitations at once with my paper cutter.  This means…I finished cutting them!  Now all I have to do is assemble them, which will entail gluing and stuffing the stuff in the pockets, and then putting them in the envelope.  I predict it will be annoying, but less annoying than cutting them.  My aunt will be calligraphying the envelopes, so once they’re in the envelopes they’re out of my hair (I hope.)

Thanks to my holiday baking, my lunch was in really random containers today.  I had soup in an old yogurt container, and my yogurt smash-up in a coffee mug!  Whoops.

Today I tried the Chobani honey at lunch.  It was good, but I didn’t get an overwhelmingly honey-y taste.  It just tasted like slightly sweetened Greek yogurt to me!

I also had plain old chicken noodle soup and crackers.  I don’t usually buy chips and crackers because, well, I eat them.  Rapidly.  My boss made me try these last week, though, and they were so good that I bought a box in a moment of weakness.  DEVIL CRACKERS, I tell you.   I will not be buying them–they’re too good!

Since Tim is gone, I had to rush home after work to un-crate Milhouse.  Poor guy had to be in an extra hour today and he was EXCITED.  I changed at work and we immediately went for a run in the freezing 17 degree temps.  Except…as soon as Milhouse had taken care of business, he immediately started pulling me home.  He was NOT interested in being hardcore, and since his housebreaking is still slightly questionable, I didn’t want to take him home and leave him alone.

So…enter plan C!  My Jillian Michaels workouts are on my computer that’s being fixed, so I decided to give my EA Sports game for the Wii a second chance.  My sister got me this for my birthday this summer, and I did it a few times but I remember being exceedingly frustrated by it.  It was either that or jog in place in my house, so I figured, what the heck.

Well, there’s a reason I stopped doing this.  I chose the “hardest” workout.  I had my Polar Heart Rate Monitor on…and I barely made it into the low end of my target range (127-167 bpm).   By contrast, when I run, I’m between 160-180 the whole time!  The tennis and baseball and inline skating were fun, but, well, not a workout for anyone who’s worked out within the last few months.  After 20 minutes, I got annoyed and stopped.  Some exercises, like the squat hold for a minute, were good, but others were SO. SLOW., like the lunges.  Snoozefest.  Also, the strap that attaches the nunchuk to your leg kept slipping off.  Also annoying.

Bottom line?  This game is better than sitting on the couch, but still not a substitute for a real workout.  But, it was the best I could manage tonight.  C’est la vie!

Anyhoo, I’m off to eat some more soup, watch more girly TV, and maybe work on invitations.  Maybe.

Don’t forget to enter my Chobani giveaway!  (Americans only, sorry guys!)

What do you think of video game workouts?  Any good ones I’m missing out on?


3 Responses

  1. I’ve never actually tried a video game workout… Scares me a little I think. I picked up a container of the strawberry chobani at the grocery store today and had it as a snack. It was really good! I think I’ll have to try to find the rest of the flavors 🙂

  2. LOL. I am going to be laughing about your evil cracker box all day. Ha ha.

    Do you need the wii fitness board for that game? I also wonder if video games can ever substitute a workout in a gym. I’ve gotten pretty sweaty playing wii tennis before, but I am not sure if that counts 😉

  3. “I don’t usually buy chips and crackers because, well, I eat them. Rapidly.”

    Ditto. I’m not a sit-down-and-eat-the-box type of gal though. I just find my hand in the box every time I’m in the kitchen. Then all of a sudden it’s down to crumbs in three days with no recollection of actually eating them! 😛

    I’ve played Wii Fit before, and it’s definitely not a work out. The yoga section is kinda neat, and there are some actually challenging moves in the strength part. But it won’t get your heart rate up…like yours, it’s really slow moving.

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