Chobani Giveaway!

So, you all know I love yogurt.  A lot.  I recently got addicted to Chobani Greek yogurt when I found it at Costco for half the price of any brand of Greek yogurt in regular stores.  I love Greek yogurt because it is basically a protein bomb–it’s so much more filling than regular yogurt and has a nice thick consistency. 

The folks at Chobani were kind enough sent me a pack of their yogurt to try the flavors I can’t get at Costco!  (If you’re wondering how they ship yogurt cross country, like I was, never fear.  It came in a styrofoam cooler with lots of cold packs and was still chilly when I got it!)  I took lots of pretty pictures of the rainbow of yogurt they sent me, but unfortunately they’re on my computer that’s being repaired right now.   So, here’s what’s left:

I’ve eaten 5/9 of it already…and I predict the rest of it will be demolished this week!

 The cooler came stocked with the following flavors:

  • Pineapple
  • Pomegranate
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Peach
  • Honey
  • Vanilla
  • 0% Plain
  • 2% Plain

Naturally, the first one I tore into was the Pineapple.  I’ve already tried the strawberry, blueberry, and peach, and pineapple is seriously my favorite fruit ever.  I was way excited for this one and it didn’t disappoint!  Nice chunks of pineapple, and this flavor is 2% rather than 0% so the extra fat makes it nice and creamy.

The next day I tried Pomegranate.  Also delicious–I’d never had anything pom-flavored before.  The arils were nice and crunchy which was different.  I’ve had the Strawberry before and it’s also awesome.

There was an unexpected star to this package, though, that took me completely by surprise–the Vanilla!  I love vanilla yogurt, but usually it’s a wee bit fakey tasting or overly sweet.  This vanilla was thick and creamy and tasted like French Vanilla ice cream.  The open, finished container sitting on my desk was kind of like a room fragrancer–I didn’t want to throw it away!  (And yes, yogurt containers smell funky, usually, which is why I found this so weird yet awesome.)

Since I’ve heard so much about using Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, but I don’t like sour cream, I made Tim try a dollop of 2% Plain on his chili earlier this week.  He gave it an emphatic thumbs up!  According to him, it tastes just like sour cream and could detect no difference.

The folks at Chobani were awesome enonugh to offer one Fit Bride reader their very own case of Chobani yogurt!  You have up to three entries.  Here’s how:

  1. Head over to Chobani’s website and leave a comment on this post about which Chobani flavor you’d most like to try and why.
  2. Tweet about the giveaway, including a link to this post, then come leave a second comment about your tweet.
  3. Blog about the giveaway, come back, and leave a link to the blog post in the comments.

The contest will go through Friday at noon.  You must be a U.S. resident to win!

Happy entering!


45 Responses

  1. Hi Fit Bride! I would love to try the pineapple flavor because everyone has been absolutely raving about it! I love pineapple and I love anything that is flavored with it, so I’m dying to try something as delicious as greek yogurt with the taste of pineapple!

    Thanks for the give-a-way! Have a great day! 🙂

  2. I’d love to try the honey flavor. I love eating plain yogurt with honey and granola. I was actually going to pick some up at the store yesterday but for some reason I didn’t… Maybe it’s a sign 🙂 I’ll be blogging about your giveaway later this evening at

    What a great giveaway! 🙂

  3. I would love to try the pomegranate and pineapple. I can’t find those flavors around here!

  4. my tweet:
    Chobani Giveaway!: @thefitbride Great Yogurt! Great Giveaway!

  5. Since you introduced me to Chobani, the only flavors I’ve been able to find are vanilla, strawberry, pomegranate, plain, and peach (all of which are awesome). So I’d love to try any of the others!

  6. I would love to try the pineapple flavor. I have a little pineapple patch in our backyard, and love the flavor. Pomegranite- I wish I liked it as much as I “should”; but, would enjoy tasting the Chobani version.

  7. I would love to try the vanilla, pineapple and plain. I adore Greek yoghurt, but it’s practically impossible to get where I live, and it’s so expensive. I’ve never been a huge fan of the more “traditional” yoghurt flavors of blueberry and strawberry (I think they tend to taste “off”) but I adore pineapple!

    Also, I think adding a bit of cinnamon to greek yoghurt makes it even more delicious.

  8. I’ve been dying to try Chobani – and I think the most I want to try is Pineapple and Pom. I can only find it here in the 12 pack and just don’t have enough room for it. I may need to suck it up.

  9. I would like to try peach and pom, both, not together haha.

  10. Also, I just tweeted about it!

  11. I have been DYING to try the pineapple kind!

  12. I really want to try the honey flavor. I love honey anything, and I’ve heard that its really delicious. But its so expensive here!

  13. I want to try pineapple because I hear it’s amazing. I’m really liking blueberry yogurt these days too.

  14. i really want to try the pineapple one…but plain yogurt will always hold a special place in my heart!

  15. I would love to try the vanilla, maybe mix it with pumpkin and spices….YUM!!

  16. As a general rule, I’m not a big yogurt fan – but, my yogurt exposure has been limited to the likes of Yoplait & Dannon in the past. It sounds like Greek Yogurt is the way to go, and Peach sounds delicious 🙂

    Side note: CNN had a story about the Santa Speedo Run in Boston. As you can imagine, people dress like Santa (or Mrs. Claus) but in Speedos (which really only leaves the hat & beard). It’s only a 2.5 mile run, but probably long enough for a run in a Speedo. (Insert inappropriate joke about bells jingling here.)

  17. Chobani is my favorite! I adore the vanilla and really want to try the pinapple!

  18. Pineapple!!!!!!!!!

  19. The pomegranate!

  20. i’d like to try the peach again. my first time trying it was tainted by a crunchy pit.

  21. I would like to try plain and pineapple! I can´t find those at my store.

  22. Pineapple and pom because they are 2 flavors I can never find!

  23. I’d like plain 0%! I love to self-mix my yogurt, with honey or maple syrup, and oats!

  24. pomegrante! still havent been able to find it near me

  25. […] forget to enter my Chobani giveaway!  (Americans only, sorry […]

  26. I want to try the pomegranate one. Or the vanilla one and add my own granola! Yum!

  27. Call me, well, vanilla, but I think I’d shoot for the vanilla first. It’s the easiest to mix with a ton of different things – starting with protein smoothies 🙂 I’m also a sucker for Hawaiian flavors (thanks to DH), so pineapple would be next on the list!

  28. I’d love to try the pomegranate. YUM!

  29. mmm peach…it will make me think of summer!

  30. Definitely the pineapple. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere!

  31. I would love to give the pineapple flavor a try!

  32. Pineapple sounds great but plain yogurt will always have my first vote!

  33. I’d love to try the pineapple flavor!

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  35. I would love to try the pineapple flavor. I eat regular yogurt and add my own dried pineapple so to have it already prepared would be nice!

  36. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try ANY of the greek yogurt. I have looked for them EVERYWHERE and I can’t find them. I am curious about the pineapple flavor and honey 🙂

  37. I would LOVE to try the pomegranate flavor! I have looked all over and can’t find Chobani anywhere. !

  38. I tweeted about this giveaway 🙂

  39. I want to try the pineapple!! I cannot find it where I live for the life of me!

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  41. I would love to try the pineapple flavor! Pomegranate is definitely my second choice.

  42. […] forget–Chobani Giveaway ends tomorrow at […]

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