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This Saturday started out well.  I’m not one of those morning person bloggers who considers sleeping until 8 “sleeping in.”  Saturdays are my day to let my body sleep as long as it wants, and today I slept in until 10:30!  I guess I needed it.  (We went to bed around 11, so close to 12 straight hours.  It was glorious.)

Things took a bit of a downturn on my run this morning, though.  I’m hitting a pattern where basically 2 out of 3 runs are good and one is horrible, asthma-wise.  I had a few nice runs earlier this week, but today’s was just…not.  My chest tightened up and basically my asthma had me reeling the whole time.  I took my inhaler twice in three stinking miles and took a few walk breaks.  The inhaler makes my heart beat really quickly, which doesn’t help matters.  It stank, but I powered through and at least finished in about 32:00.  Most of the ice had melted, but I was still dodging some and running through snow at some points.  Not my best time, but not the worst.  Then I laid facedown on our living room floor until my lungs started feeling better.  Some days I wonder how the heck I’m going to run a half marathon in four months.  Ugh.

Tim and I later headed out for a haircut for him…and shopping for me!  I had a gift card and a $15 off coupon at Sephora, so I decided to look for some wedding makeup and re-stock some old favorites.  My cousin and bridesmaid Brandy is doing my makeup for the wedding–she’s a TV producer, and does makeup on the set and on location quite a bit.  She’s great at it!  But I wanted to pick up some stuff so we could practice a bit together at Christmas.

I am a girly girl in that I love nice makeup.  I’m all about buying some things as cheap as I can get them, but not makeup.  (Or shoes.)  I told the salesgirl three things: a) I love Stila cosmetics; b) pinks/peaches for a light, fresh spring look and c) dramatic eye, non-dramatic lip.  This is what we came up with for the wedding.

For the eyes, I’ll be wearing Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Tiger Eye (which I already own and wear all the time) and this eyeshadow, which is Stila Eye Shadow Trio in Champagne Glow.  (I already own and love the Gold Glow!)

And then for lips I’m doing a gloss (I hate lipstick).  It’s Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Plumper in Bambi:

And then I restocked on my favorite eye shadow for everyday wear, Stila’s Kitten.  It was the same price for the eyeshadow alone as it was to buy this eyeshadow/gloss set, so I got that instead:

I seriously love this eyeshadow.  It’s a beautiful sheer/shimmery light pinky/peach color and looks gorgeous on everyone I’ve made try it.  Definitely suggest giving it a whirl!  (It’s pricey, but you get a large pan and it lasts forever.)

I also managed to pick up a pair of running tights at Target.  These are their C9 by Champion line, which I love.  Their tank tops have served me well for a long time!  I’ll give them a whirl this week.  My goal was to find something warm on my legs and these appear to be almost double-layered, which will hopefully work out well:

Anyway, I’m starting my pile of holiday baking tonight, so I’ve got to go take care of some cake balls! 

What beauty/makeup products do you recommend?


5 Responses

  1. I like Mac Fluidline eyeliner.

  2. Both eye shadows are so pretty! The weather makes it really hard to run. I’d almost rather run in the middle of summer. For some reason I have a harder time breathing in the cold and I don’t have asthma. Keep it up girl… You can only just keep running 🙂

  3. I think I already tweeted this to you, but there’s a woman in my step class who brings an inhaler with her. It always make me think of you 🙂 The way I see it – the more I run, the more opportunity for me to have bad runs. It’s inevitable. Plowing through and finishing them is something to be proud of though. Even more so than those stellar runs that whiz by flawlessly!

    Gorgeous makeup!!! I especially love all your eye shadows. I’m actually really bad in that I buy cheap makeup. For their price though, Rimmel’s concealer stick and Maybelline mascara are two items I can’t live without.

    Have fun making cake balls!

  4. The eyeshadow IS beautiful! I really like Clinique products (especially since they don’t test on animals). It is too bad their stuff is so expensive.

    You will be able to run the half in 4 months! You will figure out what works best for you during training and be able to apply that on race day. Remember, we learn from our bad runs! 🙂

  5. I’m a sucker for good makeup, but a college budget doesn’t allow for the pricey stuff. Like another reader, I swear by Maybelline’s mascara- mainly their Lash Stiletto. I also really like Physician’s Formula. They make this eyeshadow that has three different shades per look, and has three “looks”. It’s made specifically for your eye color, and it always gives my eyes a nice pop!

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