The wedding vomited all over this post

I have four bridesmaid dresses in my house.

Holy crap, I have bridesmaids.

I’m getting married?  Right.

Sometimes I have “whoa…WHOA.” moments.  This is one of them.

I went today to pick up the dresses at the shop on my lunch hour.  PSA: The Missouri-Kansas border is a road called, strangely enough, State Line Road.  If you have to drive on said road and are relying on a GPS, it will get very, very confused because it doesn’t know if it’s in Missouri or Kansas and recalculate a million times.  So, don’t do it.

I visited this bridal shop when I was shopping for wedding dresses. (Which was kind of the nightmare of my life, but, it’s over.)  They were super nice when I was shopping there, but I didn’t find the dress, unfortunately.  Here are some more gratuitous pictures of me in random dresses I tried on there.  (Excuse me while I go wallow in slight dress regret.)

Uh, no.  I’m not pining for any of these right now, at all.

So, in August, when I was tearing my hair out about finding a bridesmaid’s dress my sister, my mom and I all agreed on, we decided to go back.  They had a great selection and we found exactly what we were all looking for.  Miraculously, we all found this one and agreed it was awesome and ordered it.  Hooray!

Look, they like The Knot too:

Um, sorry, but I’d laugh at any bride who wore this:

I do kind of like this though.

But there they were!  All four of them.

Whee!  I brought them home with me after work and had to model one for Tim.  (It was my sister’s.  What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her, right?)

The back is my favorite.  Eep!

It was also a very exciting mail day today.  We got our first two Christmas cards, one from my mom (with a car air freshener in it), and one from my bridesmaid Lindsey!

She got married in July and it was gooooorgeous.  How cute is this?

We also got the first gifts off our registry!  Tim’s parents and brother and sister-in-law bought us gifts from Crate & Barrel.  As far as I’m concerned, gifts that arrive before Christmas are fair game for opening.

The first gift was from Tim’s parents.  One of our informal place setings and our sugar bowl!

Since there’s just one of them, we packed it back in the box until we get more.  Sad.  We have really old, mismatched plates and bowls and cups now and I can’t wait to have pretty new ones that all match!

The second ginormous box was from T’s brother and his wife.  Apparently, they want us to get wasted!

All 12 of our wine glasses, plus a really cool wine bottle stopper and the one thing Tim insisted we put on the registry:

A decanter.  Why?  “So we can decant things.”  Right.  So, now we are fully prepared should any old-timey book characters stop by for some sherry.  (Kidding.  I love cool stuff like this.  I am so stoked to get rid of our Ikea wine glasses that shatter if you look at them funny.)

Buckley, of course, made this whole process considerably more interesting.  His nickname is “Inspector Gadget” because he has to be all up in anyone’s business if anything is going on.  Also, his two favorite things are boxes and paper.  We had both.

I’m giddy.  I know they’re Christmas gifts, but they’re off the registry!  We’re getting gifts and hopefully soon we won’t have to rotate our toast halfway through to get it toasted!  Whee!  We are so lucky to have such thoughtful and generous family and friends.

Anyway, my plans for the weekend include holiday baking, gift shopping, sleeping late and running.  Should be a good time.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?  (Not something like “my health” or “my child.”  That’s implied.)


8 Responses

  1. I LOVE the dresses! See just think about days like today when you are cutting paper! (Hopefully you are done with that)

  2. Awesome day for you!

    I love the bridesmaid dresses.

  3. Um, can we just take a moment to consider how holyshitawesome you look in those dresses? SWEET FANCY MOSES. And I bet that’s just your “extreme hourglass” figure without any fancy waist cinchers too, huh? You look amazing. Have you posted your actual dress on the blog? I’ll have to look through the archive since I’m a recent follower. You are totally inspiring me to get myself back in gear…

    • I will confess that I’m wearing Spanx in pretty much any wedding dress photo on this blog. They’re magical, and make having random strangers put you in wedding dresses a whole lot less awkward.

      My wedding dress is on here somewhere–the post is called “Meet Ronda.”

      • Oooh, it’s gorgeous! I also took fortifications to all of my wedding appointments… I totally agree that the being in skivvies with total strangers was somewhat less awkward when spanx were involved — not to mention it was way easier to get into the dresses! I couldn’t take pics at any of my appointments, but I do have some nice pics from trying on my dress when it finally came in.

  4. Hm. It’s sounding more and more like Tim may be Chris’ American twin. Guaranteed that boy would want a decanter even though that’s what the bottles they came in are for 😛

    Love the bridesmaid dresses!! Incredibly flattering and pretty, especially like the length.

    Best Christmas gift I ever got was the year my mom bought me an acoustic guitar without my asking. It was a total surprise! It’s a beautiful guitar, and I now prefer playing acoustic over electric.

  5. Eh, I went back and looked- you picked the right dress! These are nice, but the one you picked is PERFECT!

  6. Aww, Buckley! I love it when cats get into exploration mode like that. I was just thinking about the best gift I’ve ever received – it’s definitely the handmade pencil box my husband made for me for our first holiday together in 2002. I have been thinking about writing a post about it.

    Even though you don’t like those gowns, I think they look great on you! And I love the bridesmaid’s dresses. Great color and cut! I remember the horror of searching for all of that… I hope your experience was much better!

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