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Well, it is cold today.  People in Kansas City are freaking out because the high today is 11 degrees.  Maybe, again, I am hardcore, but this does not strike me as a huge deal.  We got about two inches of snow last night, and half the city has shut down–schools, and apparently people’s ability to drive.  My commute this morning was quadrupled in length–30 minutes to 2 hours, which was fun.  But anyway.  See?  Snow.

If nothing else, snow gives me an excuse to break out my cute snow boots.  I can’t wear tall boots because my calves are monstro sized.  These boots are by Tretorn and this is my second pair.  They’re fuzzy and warm and leak-proof.  My first pair is perfectly fine, still, but I bought the white and they got all banged up, sadly.  These are brown and shiny and less prone to scuffing.

At lunch today, I got my H1N1 vaccine.  Even though I’m a hair over the age limit (I’m 25 and they’re approving it for 24 and unders), I was able to get one gratis through my employer because of my asthma.  It didn’t hurt at all.  I did, however, laugh, when the nurse touched my upper arm/shoulder and told me to stop flexing my muscle, when, in fact, I was not flexing…that’s just my arm.  Wooo!

I know the H1N1 shot is controversial, but frankly, I am not a doctor and I tend to trust people with medical degrees.  I get annoyed when non-lawyers attempt to give legal advice and I presume doctors feel the same way when non-doctors try to think they know better than the doctors do.  I’m trusting.  I admit it.  If my arm turns purple and falls off, at least I know how to sue.

Anyway, my laptop is dead.  The poor old thing will be 3 years old on March 17, 2010 and is luckily still under warranty through Best Buy.  The last week it’s not been registering that it’s plugged in when it is, which I think means the AC adapter and/or battery are fried.  It’s happened to this laptop before, and if it breaks one more time in the next three months I get a replacement.

Also, my “Control” key has completely fallen off.  I have, very literally, lost control.  Sigh.  Hopefully they can replace it.

I didn’t work out today because my quads and hamstrings are on fire.  No, not on fire–flex your muscle real hard until it gets to the point of hurting real bad.  That’s what it feels like right now, ALL THE TIME.  My body says rest.  I say okay.  I’m hoping to run outside again tomorrow when it’s warmed up a bit.

So, tonight, we are watching the Glee finale and eating macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, which, really, in my mind is the perfect little evening.

Here is a cute picture of Southpaw to finish this post off right:

Do you/did you get a flu shot?


8 Responses

  1. Ugh, I am 25 too and I can’t find anywhere that will give it to me. I’m actually pretty sure I HAD H1N1 two weeks ago when I had a fever for 4 days straight, but since they aren’t officially testing anyone I have no idea. Glad you got the shot, I am sure you’ll be fine!

  2. I refuse to get any vaccines.

  3. My FI’s computer is doing the exact same thing right now. Sigh, we have to buy a new laptop.

    I’m not getting the H1N1 (I already had the flu anyways). I don’t usually get the regular flu shot either, so that’s nothing new for me. My BIL got the H1N1 the other day and ended up in the hospital. Apparently he had some type of strange reaction to it. Scary stuff! Glad you’re okay though.

  4. mmm, mac & cheese — did you do it with little hot dogs incorporated, or actual hot dogs as the main? gotta say, the former is a guilty pleasure comfort food of mine 🙂 Also, you’re totally hardcore thinking a high of 11 degrees is no big whoop. If it even thinks about snowing (and not even sticking) in ATL, the whole city shuts down. Also, I feel your pain on the inability to wear tall boots… though i’m quite short, so it’s probably for the best in my case…

  5. I was actually going to get my H1N1 shot last night, but they closed the clinic because we got a snowstorm! I may not bother now. The hassle of waiting a few hours in line is too much for me, I’m lazy. I was only going to do it because my mom told me to…

    I have the same computer as you and my keys are crapping out too!! For some reason I can’t get a capital “x” using the shift key, I have to hit caps lock. And my mouse keys don’t work half the time, one of them is sagging and will probably fall off. I’ve had to send this computer back to HP THREE times to get fixed. Not overly impressed by it. Oh! And I also ordered a new adapter off eBay, just make sure all the numbers match, and you’ll save at least $20 🙂

  6. My lap top died right after the wedding in October – so frustrating. Only mine was about 4 months out of warranty. Argh. Still haven’t figured out a replacement.

    I did not get the vaccine. I’m of the weird mentality that illnesses are our species’ only real natural enemy, and with today’s technology and medical abilities, the flu isn’t going to kill me – an otherwise healthy young person. Yes, it would suck to be sick, but I’m not going to die. Plus, I’d hate to take the chance that I would be that person who gets it from just the little dose of vaccine. I’d never know if I would have otherwise been fine. So, I wash my hands and use anti-bacterial like a madwoman.

  7. I got the seasonal shot because I was babysitting kids last month. but i’m no longer babysiting. if I was still babysitting I would have been first in line for H1N1, but now I’m wavering on it again. Though, I do have asthma, so maybe I should suck it up and get it? blaaaaaah!

    if you have a wordpress ID I can add you to the white list so you can view my blog – its set to private and only wordpress users whom I put on the list can view it 😉

  8. BRRR. It was 72 degrees here yesterday (NC). You keep your snow over there 🙂

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