This morning did not start out well.  First, I tried to make coffee.  My first cup was full of coffee grounds, which is gross, so I dumped it.  My second cup came out too watery to drink.  I hope our coffee maker isn’t broken.

Then, I took off on my half hour long commute to work.  Fifteen minutes in, I realized that I’d packed my gym bag with a nice clean pair of workout pants, a tank, and sports bra…but I’d left my running shoes at home.  (And even though I’m pretty awesome, running in heels isn’t my strong suit.)

Then I got to work and promptly ripped a ginormous hole in my tights that rendered them unwearable.  So I was sitting there, bare-legged, uncaffeinated, and cold, with nary a workout in sight.  Not a good start to my day!

Lunch was good, though, mostly because of my amaaaazing yogurty mess.  I haven’t had anything pomegranate, ever, but I liked it!  The crunchy bits were nice, especially with the granola.

Speaking of granola, Mix My Granola sent me a sample to review.  In my mix, I put cinnamon granola base, Bing cherries, pecans, hazelnuts, coconut, chia seeds and chocolate chips.  I’m a granola snob and connoisseur and this stuff is GOOD.  The cinnamon base is not overwhelmingly cinnamony (which I like), and the mix-ins were delicious.  I was especially impressed with the dried cherries, which were soft and sweet, unlike a lot of times when you get them and they’re hard and flavorless.  If I have one tiny complaint, it’s that I couldn’t really taste the coconut, but I had plenty of other competing flavors in there vying for attention so that’s probably my fault.

Mix My Granola has also generously offered 10% off to Fit Bride readers!  To use this awesome coupon, just enter coupon code “FITBRIDE” at checkout.

They also had Christmas cookies at the front desk today.  Usually I can resist, but this guy was too cute!

However…if I’m going to eat sweets in the middle of the day, portion control is key for me.  So, I beheaded the penguin, threw his body into the trash and ate his noggin.  It was delish!

Yesterday’s workout was super intense.  I can barely walk straight today because my quads and hamstrings are so sore, but I love that feeling.  I like knowing how hard I’m working and it makes me feel alive and strong!  I decided to continue the “hardcore week” theme by going home and running outside.  (It’s currently 28-ish degrees, sleeting and snowing in Kansas City.)  I actually like cold weather, so I figured what the heck.  If I’m going to be a runner (or am I already?), I’m going to have to adapt to less-than-perfect situations.  I bundled up in my warmest running clothes and a hat to keep the precipitation out of my eyes and I was off!

My neighborhood is hilly, but it’s not STAGGERINGLY hilly like the roads nearby.  Basically, if I made a loop around my subdivision, it’s .6 miles exactly with some gentle little hills.  So, I did that 5 times for a total of 3 miles!  Honestly, I could have kept going but I was getting hangry.  It was sleeting, freezing rain, and snowing on me, and the temperature was 28 degrees!  I took Milhouse for my first loop around, but he was NOT a fan of the weather and made a beeline for our door when he saw it again.

Tim took this awesome picture of me when I walked in the door (after asking me “What the hell were you doing?”).  I love that the glasses-fog makes me look like a robot (next time, I will wear contacts):

Hard. Core.  Please note my wet hat.

Even though I was cold and wet, I LOVED this run so much.  It was peaceful and cool.  I think I’m going to invest in some good cold weather running gear and keep this going!

What workouts make you feel hardcore?


4 Responses

  1. Hahaha, that pic of you is awesome! You are hardcore. I do not do cold and wet together. Especially when hills are involved. Doing sprints on the treadmill makes me feel hardcore. Or like a crazy person – cause that’s usually the type of looks I get when I do them at the gym 😛

  2. I forgot my shoes at home yesterday too, which I realized when I got to the gym. I went home and did some on-demand workouts instead!

  3. Whenever I do a Jillian Michaels dvd I know I’m hardcore! lol

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