Hitting the wedding wall

Hi, everyone.  Not too much to report today.  It’s been a lazy, sleepy Sunday around here.

First thing to note–I’ve drafted my half marathon training plan starting right after the new year.  The tab at the top should be a rough approximation of what I plan to do.  I’m a little nervous about having a strict schedule, but I’ve chosen a novice level plan because I think the shorter runs are more realistic for my current schedule, especially since we’ll be so close to the wedding.  But anyway, check it out, input appreciated.

We woke up late (again) this morning and headed out for brunch with our friends Mary and Matt.  We had such a good time–it’s so nice to have friends in the area since I don’t have a single female friend my age within a 100 mile radius of here!

Then we did a little Christmas shopping.  We’re doing most of it online this year.  But we have a few things to pick up in person, so we got a little bit of that out of the way.

Then I came home and made pizza dough to freeze:

…while dinner (Chipotle Chili, recipe in recipes tab up top) simmered in the crockpot:

Of course, chili isn’t complete without cornbread:

While all this was going on, I was cutting wedding invitations.  And cutting, and cutting, and cutting.

Now, I’ve never run a marathon, or even a half yet, but everyone talks about the wall–where you just feel like you cannot possibly run another step but still have a few miles to go.  That’s how I feel about the wedding now.  We’ve been engaged almost a year now, and we still have five months until the actual wedding.  And I just feel done.

I’ve lost steam.  I’m at a point where I’m over the puppies n’ rainbows cheer of being newly engaged, but we still have so far to go (and so much to do) until the wedding.  Now, don’t get me wrong–I still want to marry T, without a doubt…I’m just tired of doing all this wedding-related junk by myself.  I can’t call my mom to come over and help me cut these in one night while we watch movies and chat because she’s so far away.  I don’t have anyone to take to my dress fittings in a few months to tell me that my ass doesn’t look huge.   T is great with the stuff he can help with, but I miss having girlfriends nearby to share all this with.  I feel like I suddenly hate everything I’ve planned about our wedding and I just want my damn guest bedroom back from under the pile of ribbons and paper.

Anyway, I know this will pass, I’m just feeling ready for it all to be over right now.

Did you hit the wedding wall?  How did you get over it?


6 Responses

  1. It will pass! I posted on another entry about enjoying the moments… I’ve been married 6 years and would love to be in your shoes. Enjoy every second of cutting those papers because soon enough you will be missing it! This is the biggest day of your life! You have to have a lot to do to prepare for it. Keep your chin up… You won’t even be thinking about this stuff when you are walking down that aisle!

  2. I haven’t even thought about my half marathon training plan yet… To be honest, I’ve never even done a legitimate training plan before, but I think it’s necessary if i want to do a decent time. Did you base it off Hal Higdon?

    Uuggghh, Brie, I’m not getting married, but I FEEL you on the whole girlfriend thing. Every last one of my friends (except one, who’s due to have a baby any day now) moved away after graduation this spring. Chris doesn’t even live here. I’ve been stuck in this godforsaken city all by myself for months now and it doesn’t always feel good!! I can’t offer any advice, but you’re also not completely alone.

    • Yeah, it’s loosely based on Hal Higdon’s novice plan. I added in an extra week/long run at the end and I’m only training 5-ish days a week instead of 6, though.

      It’s good to know I’m not alone! Sometimes I feel like you commenters/bloggers are my girlfriends who get to share in all my wedding joy and angst!

  3. I’m at the wedding wall, too. We’ve been engaged over a year now and I’m just ready for this whole thing to be over already. Short engagements are key!!!

  4. I TOTALLY feel your pain. Not with the wall, persay but with the not having my mom or girlfriends to rely on. I went dress shopping with Jodus. I picked the venue and everything on my own. I picked the menu on my own etc. I think that our engagement is about the right length. 10 months. I could have even happily done shorter. I don’t worry about details though and I am NOT doing a DIY wedding. Not my style. Not for my sanity anyway. I know it would drive me nuts. I don’t care how much money it saves. Not worth it to me.

  5. Yep, I hit the wall about a month out. Between MIL’s guest list expanding crap and second guessing centerpiece choices, I just wanted it to be over. It’ll pass though. Up until about a week before, I couldn’t have cared less where we got married as long as I got to wear my dress (priorities). Then I got excited again. You’ll get through it. Once you’re done with invites, give yourself permission to take a week or so away from thinking about the wedding. You need a mental vacation.

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