Wedding bands!

First things first!   The randomly chosen winner of the Oikos yogurt giveaway is comment #8, Grace, who says:

“My favorite is a Greek yogurt parfait… a layer of greek yogurt, then bananas, then yogurt again, then topped with granola and ground flax.”

Grace, e-mail me at thefitbride at gmail dot com to claim your prize!

Moving right along…it is so good to be home.  I miss T and the animals so much when I travel!

We both slept in pretty late today.  I had some toast with almond butter and then went upstairs to do Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones DVD.  I did about half–that DVD just turns me into jelly!  I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.  My shoulders and abs were mush by the time I stopped.  Then I took a shower and we went to pick up our wedding bands!

I am a sucker for jewelry.  I’m also kind of a snob–I just feel weird wearing cheap costume jewelry on a daily basis, so instead I’ve asked for nice jewelry for various holidays and gotten it.  I wear the same pair of simple pearl earrings every day, plus my engagement ring and about half the time, a necklace with a pearl pendant T got me last Christmas.  So, needless to say, I’m excited to add another item to my jewelry wardrobe!  They didn’t let me take any pictures in the store, so I went a little crazy when we got home.

All together:

Just mine:

One of the things that bothered me about a lot of wedding bands is that they were flat against my finger.  My engagement ring is a small cathedral setting, meaning it raises up from my finger a little bit, and I finally found a band that’s raised on top and thinner on the bottom too.  I’m a little OCD and having the two different would bother me.

T’s ring is a classic yellow gold band.  I love it–it’s very him and will never go out of style.

(Like the camera reflection?)

Anyway, I’m happy we have these checked off our list and totally paid for.  I love mine and I want to start wearing it now…but unfortunately I’ll have to wait.  Sigh.  Just a little over five months to go..

Have a great Saturday everyone!

12 Responses

  1. We have been looking at wedding bands for him lately. We want to get palladium but he has no idea what style. It’s not something guys usually think about I guess.

    Mine is going to be easy. A simple platinum band, the same thickness as my engagement ring. 🙂

  2. I love your bands!

  3. Congratulations! The rings are lovely:)

  4. SO pretty! I love them!! I’m also happy I don’t have to yell at you for not working out 😉 I ordered No More Trouble Zones and 30 Day Shred from Amazon. Anxiously waiting for them to arrive!

  5. Love the rings. We haven’t started looking for ours yet. How soon before the wedding are you supposed to buy them? Ours is in June.

    • Meh, I don’t think it matters. We just bought ours now to get it out of the way early and because we had some unexpected money come our way!

  6. we just went to look at wedding rings for the first time today and ended up picking them and putting down a deposit! the one in the store was the right size for me, and I sneaked a picture of it on my finger. I’m gonna post about it soon 😉 Your rings look great!

  7. love the rings!
    My wedding is in May 2010 also (and in Chicago!).. I can’t wait to buy our wedding bands.

  8. Beautiful rings! I wish I could get married again… Treasure this time getting ready for the wedding because it goes so fast!

  9. I like that you kept things classic and simple. You really can’t go wrong with those designs. Very nice. Or dare I say – groovy?

  10. used to wear my wedding band around the house months before we got married. Once, I forgot to take it off and wore it at the gym. Oops! It’s definitely hard to wait, but really special. I love your rings — they are absolutely perfect!

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