Home again

Today was a pretty great day as far as work days go!

The hotel I stayed in last night didn’t have a free breakfast…so I just had to order room service.  SIGH.


Now, I know you’ve heard about the Jillian Michaels “pour candle wax on stuff you don’t want to eat at dinner” tactic.  I’m not that drastic, but if I KNOW something’s on my plate and I don’t need/really want it (but I’ll probably ingest it anyway if it’s there), I dump it.  So, I dumped the orange juice.  That was 200 calories-ish right there I didn’t need that wouldn’t fill me up, so down the sink it went.  I had a small bowl of raisin bran, two pieces of sourdough toast, and about half the fruit bowl.  It was delicious!

Then I went to my first and only school for the day and I had a lovely time.  Of course, to complete my tour of Operation Beautiful notes, I left one there, too!

Lunch (again) was eaten in the car.  And it was exactly the same as yesterday.

I swear Subway is not paying me.

Anyway, let me explain my so-called hierarchy of eating.  I basically try to approach eating by prioritizing as follows:

  1. First, I try to find a healthy food in a reasonable calorie range (like if I’m looking for a snack out of anything in the world, I’ll pick some fruit, or yogurt).
  2. If I can’t find anything healthy in a reasonable calorie range, I will eat something high-calorie but healthy (like, for example, I’ll choose trail mix over a candy bar.)
  3. If I can’t find anything healthy, I’ll choose less-healthy food in a reasonable calorie range (this is where I classify Subway).
  4. If I really have no other alternative, I’ll choose unhealthy food that’s high calorie.

This hierarchy is why I’ve eaten Subway for lunch the last two days.  My options on the road have basically been your standard fast-food joints.  I don’t consider any of them particularly healthy or nourishing, but I don’t HAVE to necessarily waste a lot of calories on it.  This lunch was probably about 500 calories, as opposed to a value meal from McDonalds, which could be 900+ calories.  So, it’s not a category 1 or 2 food like I prefer, but at least it’s not going to make me gain weight.

Anyway, moving on.  I also snacked on a Luna Bar (Chocolate Raspberry!) on the road:

I made it home safely and was greeted with three fun packages!  I’m going to wait to tell you about two of them, but one of my lovely bridesmaids sent me a Christmas present!

Yay!  I’ve secretly been wanting some Bride related apparel but didn’t have the motivation to buy it for myself.  I predict I will be wearing this while we get ready the morning of the wedding.  I love her!  Thanks, Lindsey!

Tonight’s plans include washing the beagle hair out of our sheets since Milhouse apparently took over my side of the bed while I was gone, catching up with T, and relaxing.  Tomorrow I’m picking up our wedding bands and will post pictures as soon as I have them!  I’m also either going to run or do a workout DVD tomorrow–hold me to that!

Do you have any food priorities or hierarchies?  Tell me about them!


3 Responses

  1. I have a similar list as you. I always try to find a grocery store before settling for a restaurant or chain. Although, some small town grocery stores can be pretty barren too, it’s kinda sad.

    I don’t drink juice in the morning either. Empty calories (and sugar) to me. I don’t blame you for pouring it down the drain!

    Have fun picking up the wedding bands today!! I’m coming back later to make sure that workout got done missy 😉

  2. Aw, love the shirt!
    I agree with your eating hierarchy. I always pack a ton of food when traveling because it is SO hard to find anything healthy. It’s actually kind of annoying, is it too much to ask for some healthy food on the go?

  3. You’re welcome! So glad it came! And you can totally wear it now 🙂

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