Personal savasana

Y’all, I am tired.  Being on the road is tough.  Even though what I’m doing is not particularly mentally or physically taxing, it just wears on me being in the car all the time.  I drove roughly 6 hours yesterday, and 3 today, and have 4 on the schedule for tomorrow.  I ate lunch in the car today–a sandwich between two schools, and my Kind bar and baked chips while commuting to my hotel for the night.  I feel like I can barely form sentences coherently.  See?  That’s my lunch.  In my car.

I did manage two Operation Beautiful notes though for my own personal challenge.  School #3:

And #4!   I was stationed near a Christmas tree so I decided to put my own ornament on it.

I arrived at my hotel and tried to do a Yoga Download video, but unfortunately my computer was too slow and it kept stopping and stalling and freaking out, which was not exactly relaxing.  There was also the problem that I didn’t have a yoga mat with me, so I tried using a towel, which was not sticky at all.  Combine that with a recent application of hand lotion and you’ve got a recipe for disaster while in downward dog.  (I bonked my head.)  And I had a headache, too.

So, I took a very yogi approach to things and decided that organized yoga was not meant to be today.  I am tired, and I am hungry, and it didn’t feel good.  Instead, I opted for some cardio.

Christmas shopping!  I finally got the go-ahead from my boss to take off December 23rd and 24th, so we are booking our flights to visit my family as I type this.  I’ve been rather grinchy about Christmas until now, but now I’m suddenly in the spirit.  I almost bought these for T as a present, but decided against it.  They would be too small for him.

I found this display of calendars hilarious:

Interesting choices, don’t you think?  I didn’t actually buy anything because we’re going to do all our shopping online and have it shipped to our destination so we don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of presents on the plane.

I had dinner at Panera and now I plan to spend the rest of the evening snuggled up in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy and other such programming.  Good times!

EDIT: I’m an idiot and forgot to mention two awesome things.  See?  I’m tired.

  1. I’m a Bombshell Bride!  Check out a super cool interview with me here.
  2. Last day to enter my Oikos giveaway is Saturday!

What puts you in the holiday spirit?


3 Responses

  1. I really hope you got me that Donny Osmond calendar. It was tops on my Christmas list.


  2. Ohman, I’ve made the mistake of applying hand lotion before doing yoga. Never again. But I do love that you’re spreading Op Beautiful all around the campuses you’re visiting 🙂

    Christmas candy never fails to get me in the spirit.

  3. You look SO fab in the wedding dress in the article!

    How can I get your will power my dear?!

    😦 I want to be a fit “newlywed”!

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