Speedwork the Beagle

Today has been one of  those lovely days where I’ve been able to get lots of stuff done around the house.  Nothing significant, really, just little piddly stuff.  It’s nice.  This is going to be a travel-heavy week; I’ll be on the road from Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon for work, so two nights away from home!  Sad.

I did a little decorating for Christmas.  T and I painted these stockings our first Christmas together in 2007!  I love that we did this and saved them.  We’ll put them up every year, even if we have other nicer stockings (which we do).

We’re not doing much other decorating–we’re going to buy a pre-lit tree (hopefully) on clearance right before Christmas or right after.

I did manage to make some holiday foods though.  A giant bag of cranberries was $.60 at the store, and I was tempted…so I made cranberry sauce.  I haven’t tasted it yet, so no promises if it’s good or not!  I basically reduced the pound of cranberries like I do for applesauce in 1 cup of water and 1 cup of orange-pineapple juice (it was what we had!).  I added a healthy dose of sugar and let it simmer.  We’ll see how it turns out.

And I had some leftover sugar cookie mix and icing, so I said “what the heck” and made frosted sugar cookies to take to work:

And for dinner?  Roasted chicken in the oven with carrots and taters.

I really did not feel like working out this afternoon but I knew I’d feel great about it once I did.  So, I pleaded on Twitter for motivation and Lauren and Susan gladly kicked me in the pants.  I decided to run, but to make things fun I thought I’d take Milhouse along.

I’d written him off as “not a jogger” when we first got him awhile back, because he was not great on a leash and was prone to stopping and sitting on the sidewalk.   He’s gotten much better now that he’s settled in his new home, and he’s definitely attempted to run a few times on walks together.  I went in with low expectations–hey, even a brisk walk is better than nothing–and I was ASTOUNDED.

I should have known better, I guess.  Beagles are meant to hunt rabbits, so obviously, they have to be FAST.  (look on YouTube for “beagle running” and you’ll see what I mean.)  And Milhouse didn’t disappoint!  We ran 3 miles together–I didn’t pay attention to the time, because we stopped for a few doggie sniff and bathroom breaks, but it was a lot of fun!  I’ve also firmly landed on the “no iPod” side of running–I think I run faster and smarter without it.  He is a speedy little devil, and was actually pulling ME about half the time!  (Note: he weighs 20 pounds and is 13 inches tall.)  I definitely see some more running together in our future!  I had a great time and I think he did, too.

Here’s me and my running buddy.  He’ll get extra dinner tonight!

Anyway, have a great night.  I have a new food giveaway starting tomorrow and some cool reviews to do this week, plus hopefully a wedding update later on.

Have you done any holiday decorating yet?

5 Responses

  1. Um. I totally just You Tubed “beagle running” 😛 Damn, they are fast! What a great idea to bring him out with you for some motivation Brie. It’s hard to stop running with you have a cute doggie pulling you 😉

    Roast chicken, homemade cranberry sauce AND sugar cookies? Can I come over for dinner?

  2. Aw, what a great way to make running more fun! I think you deserve at least one of those sugar cookies!

  3. Aw, great job, Milhouse! My little girl beagle is a great jog/walk partner… but I’m not sure she could handle a 3 mile turn yet!

    We’ve got the tree up and all the ornaments. A few more things need to be done though, but I figure the tree is the most important part.

  4. I love your dog! I have a 4.5-year-old cat who is kind of a runt, and my fiance is gunning for a dog once we get married. I don’t want a huge dog, and I’m a little worried about the two animals getting along, but a beagle is at the top of my list. Milhouse is so cute!

    • Our cats don’t mind him at all, and one of them is pretty cranky! Definitely adopt–lots of beagles wind up as puppy mill rescues in shelters. 😦

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