Watching Paint Dry

Hi, friends.  I’m blogging from work on my lunch break.  Things are verrrry sloooow around here and I can’t really come up with anything to do because all the people I work with are gone!  I haven’t gotten a single phone call or e-mail all day, which is highly unusual.

Because I’m bored, and have been struck by some kind of random insatiable thirst the last few days, I’ve been pounding water like crazy.  My Camelbak bottle is 24 ounces and I’ve already had 3 of them today.  Yesterday I drank probably 5 over the course of the day.  I need to pace myself this afternoon because I’ve got a 5 hour car trip ahead!

I also mid-morning snacked on a banana that wouldn’t make it until we get home on Saturday.  I love them when they’re brown on the outside!

Lunch today was a basic affair.  Since I cooked so much last night, I didn’t feel like putting much effort or thought into lunch so I went with a classic–AB&J!  Or, more specifically, two slices of 100% whole wheat bread, two tablespoons of Trader Joe’s creamy almond butter, and Smuckers organic grape spread.  Sometimes, you just want to go back to the basics:

I also had a container of Blueberry Chobani over some formerly frozen strawberries with a little added cereal for crunch.  (I’m out of my beloved Bear Naked granola.  Sad face.)  Before and after:

And for dessert?  A PB kiss!  Just one, for real.

(Sorry for the bad phone pics.  I brought my camera today, but needed to be able to get the photos on my computer to blog!)

This was a pretty calorie dense and filling lunch, but I planned things that way because we’ll probably be having a late dinner on the road…and the last thing I want is to be starving in a fast-food drive thru.

As soon as work is over I’m driving home and we’re getting right back in the car for our 5 hour trip to visit T’s mom and dad.  They don’t have wireless, so you won’t get a Thanksgiving recap until Saturday, but I’ve got some great stuff ready to go for you guys (including what might be the longest post in Fit Bride history on Friday).

Happy Thanksgiving!  Don’t forget about my Thankful Tee Giveaway!


3 Responses

  1. Haha, I saw your tweet about bananas today. I wish they were more filling too. BUT they do make an awesome pre-workout snack because of it. I can eat a banana and run 10 minutes later with no tummy issues 🙂

    I had *just one* hershey’s hug last night at work. Then I had another 😛

    Have a safe drive and an awesome trip to the future in-laws!!!!

  2. As much as I LOVE ABJ’s, they do NOT keep me full! 😦 So I usually opt to have something different. It’s weird, because they are calorie dense. Obvi there is hella fat in the AB. And lots of good fiber and shizz in my bomb bread so I dunno what the deal is. I’m a volume eater though so maybe that’s the dealio.

  3. Long post in history…excited to read that!

    I hope your 5 hour drive home goes well…and I hope it stays only five hours, looks like the traffic out there was crazy.

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