Oh what a night

Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing at the Fit Bride ranch.

We’re heading to visit T’s parents for the holiday tomorrow after work.  They live about 4-5 hours away, so it’ll be quite a drive and we won’t get in until quite late!  Tonight was preparation night.  I sent T to Chipotle for dinner because with all the cooking I was going to be doing…making dinner was not an option!

I like the basics–rice, chicken, a little cheese, and lots of hot salsa!

Of course, I had to pack.  Milhouse looks concerned.  (He’s coming with to play with future in-laws’ three dogs!)

Then I had to prepare the two totally unhealthy dishes I’m bringing.  On holidays, I don’t count calories or worry about my weight.  Holidays occur maybe once a month (New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, T’s birthday, Easter, our anniversary, my birthday, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve).  So, that amounts to approximately 3% of the entire year.  I will eat what I want and it will not make any major impact on my weight because the rest of the time I do eat healthily.  I do attempt to limit my portions and only eat special holiday foods and I don’t stuff myself.  I also try not to let holiday cheer spill into a two-week celebration and just keep it to the one day!

Anyway, first I made Chocolate Crumb Bars.  My motivation for bringing these is totally selfish–my future mother in law makes pumpkin pie for dessert, and I HATE pumpkin pie.  So, I wanted to have a dessert I’d enjoy there!  See?  I’m a jerk.  I doubt anyone will mind though.

Then I got the prep work going for my Beer Bacon Mac & Cheese.  Sorry, Tillamook, they don’t sell you at my grocery store!  I picked this recipe because, well, when can you go wrong with four of my favorite foods: beer, bacon, cheese, and pasta?  I have to say, I tried the cheese sauce and OHMYGOD MAKE THIS RECIPE.  If you like the restaurant The Melting Pot, this tastes EXACTLY like their cheese fondue.

I also had to pack for the dog:

Phew.  What a night!  And I still have to make my lunch for work tomorrow and shower before bedtime.  Tomorrow’s definitely going to be a long, busy day!

I’ll be gone Thursday and Friday (back Saturday afternoon), but I have a few fun posts scheduled for the next few days so keep reading!  And, of course, don’t forget that you have until Saturday to enter my  Thankful Tee Giveaway!  (Pssst…even if you’re not a bride, the Miss Bride tee would be a great Christmas gift for an engaged friend!  Holidays are the most popular time to pop the question, you know!)

What are you making for Thanksgiving?  (Or, for the Canadians, what was the highlight of your Thanksgiving meal?)


6 Responses

  1. That all looks so good (aside from the dog food). Normally on the holidays I don’t worry about my weight either, but this year I have to. Damn having to fit into my dress so close to Christmas!

    I’m probably going to be making a couple of desserts tomorrow night. Probably a cheesecake and I’m searching for a pecan pie recipe now. Luckily we only have to drive down the street for Thanksgiving!

    Have a fun and safe trip!

  2. Have a great and safe trip for Thanksgiving!

  3. I am totally with you on the chocolate crumb bars! I’m making a fall fruit salad to bring so that I’ll have something healthy for dessert at the in-laws. It’s not selfish.. it’s smart 🙂

  4. I’m with you on the dessert. It’s not selfish… you are just offering more options!

  5. I approach holidays the exact same way as you. Instead of dreading the next several weeks till New Years, I just tell myself I’ll eat what I want on Christmas Eve and Day and New Years Eve. Otherwise, it’s business as usual (with a few candy canes). Problem solved! 😛

    I’d take those chocolate crumb bars over pumpkin pie any day! And how can something with beer and cheese not be delicious? Oh, and my highlight was the stuffing and Chris’ mom’s amazing homemade pie crust (only pie where the crust is better than the filling)

  6. As a former couch potato turned runner, I love your blog! Good for you to let yourself splurge on holidays, too. Your chocolate crumb bars look so delicious!

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