The rehearsal dinner

Well, check another item off the to-do list! (giant checkmark motion)

We finally decided on a location for our rehearsal dinner and booked it.  Now, the reason that this has taken so long isn’t because we don’t agree on things, but because of the distance.  We live in Kansas City, and our wedding is in the Chicago area.  And going around to various restaurants to look at rooms was pretty low on our list of priorities on our last wedding planning trip.  But, time was ticking down and we realized we had to book SOMETHING for the rehearsal dinner.

Luckily, my lovely mother went around to a few of the places we’d looked into and gave us the lowdown.  I’m familiar with the restaurants in the area, but things have changed since I was in college many moons ago.   We knew we wanted a relatively laid-back vibe, since we’ll all be dressed up all day the next day, but still get great food.

So, after a bit of research we decided on Flat Top Grill.  Part of the appeal of this was that it’s a create-your-own stir fry place, so everyone will be able to eat what they like!  I hate going to dinners where you don’t have a choice about what you eat, so this way people can get exactly what they want, made to order.  They will also be getting something called “Triple Chocolate Storm” for dessert, too, which was literally the icing on the cake!

This is what the stir fry bar looks like:

(Image from Time Out Chicago)

Now I just have to find something to wear.  Hmm.  I’d like to be a big attention monger and wear white, but still be casual.  I’m thinking a nice eyelet or knit white sundress, maybe with a wrap…but where exactly does one find those in December?

What do you think makes a rehearsal dinner fun?

4 Responses

  1. I love Flat Top! Yummy 🙂

  2. i wanted to look bridal so i wore a champagne colored dress 🙂

  3. I agree with you about the casual environment. Since we aren’t having a wedding party, our dinner is basically just going to be our immediate families which will be great. We are thinking Margaritaville or the Hard Rock or something equally as chill in Vegas. And I bought my dress for the rehearsal dinner, like a week after we got engaged! haha. I knew I wanted to wear a hot pink flirty dress and I found one, on sale, and couldn’t say no! 😀

  4. haha nice! flat top was the first place i ever ate in evanston when I went to visit as a high-school junior…

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