I was blogging about my day today and realized I’ve never mentioned something that’s very important to me–making sure EVERYONE in our family eats food that is nutritious and good for them!

T and I made the conscious decision a long time ago to feed our pets high quality foods.  Buckley, Southpaw, and Milhouse are important members of our family and we need to take their nutrition seriously, too!

Low-quality pet food is just like low-quality people food–it leads to health problems and obesity.   It isn’t cheap–I just paid $30 for a 15 pound bag of dog food–but it is absolutely worth it.  Interestingly enough, cost isn’t indicative of quality when it comes to pet food.  Science Diet, unfortunately sold in lots of veterinary offices, is expensive…and full of corn and other things that are not good for your dog.  It is consistently rated among the lowest quality pet foods, and it makes me sad to think lots of people are getting this crappy food sold to them by their veterinarians.

We feed Milhouse Blue Buffalo brand dog food, found at Petsmart.  It is made with meat (not meat by-products), whole grains (not corn) and veggies and fruit.  It is free of artificial flavors, corn, wheat, and soy, and meat is the first ingredient.  He loves it, too!  (We also feed him Newman’s Own Organic treats, and he does not get food from the table unless it is a small piece of plain meat.)

sunday 011

Our cats are a different story.  Poor little Southpaw has feline colitis, which is basically the cat equivalent of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  When something doesn’t agree with her tummy, her gums get very inflamed and she gets diarrhea that doesn’t usually occur in the litter box.  She sometimes pukes too.

sunday 005

We experimented with several foods for the cats, including several high-quality organic and natural brands, and after speaking with our vet came to the conclusion that they are simply too rich for her system to handle.  We’ve switched the foods slowly, mixing them over the course of a few weeks, and she just cannot adjust to them.   We made the conscious decision to switch to what is considered a more grain-based food (though still higher on the quality scale), and her stomach issues cleared up instantly.  (Our cats are fed Royal Canin Sensitive formula.)

sunday 007

(Buckley will eat whatever we put in front of him.)

Sometimes I feel guilty about this, but she is eating the food that keeps her in the best health and the happiest, and that, in turn, makes me feel better.  Just like with human nutrition–there is not always a “right” answer.  Some people do well on high-carb diets despite the overwhelming majority of people who do better with lower-carbs.  Southpaw needs a higher-carb, lower protein diet, and we’ll give it to her if it means she’s not healthy, even though it’s not considered the healthiest.

sunday 010

I really recommend going to this site and checking out reviews of what your pets are eating.  Animals have nutrition needs too!

Do you have pets? Are you concerned about their nutrition?


5 Responses

  1. Good info, I’ve been thinking about changing and doing some research on different oragnic pet foods for my doggy.

  2. Sadly, I have to pets. And when I did have a dog, I fed her the cheapest crap ever because she was 115 lbs and ate a ton and I literally could not afford anything than the costco dry food which surpisingly, isnt terrible, compared to some others.

    • Leah: when you feed a high quality food, you actually feed a lot less so the food lasts quite a bit longer. It’s more filling and calorie-dense because there’s more protein, just like with human food! So, 2 pounds of the cheap crap food is roughly equal to 1 cup of the good stuff.

      I still groan about the cost once in awhile though. 🙂

  3. We used to feed our dog Wellness brand, but it did not agree with him at all. Let’s just say cleaning after him when we went on walks was NOT fun. Now he eats Nutro.

  4. […] amounts to help keep the bacteria in their stomach healthy.  I’m a firm believer in proper nutrition for our furrier friends, too!  So, I gave some to Milhouse in a Kong as a […]

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