Flotsam and Jetsam

Did you know flotsam and jetsam actually have defined legal meanings?  Jetsam is stuff thrown off a ship, and flotsam is stuff that is just floating in the water after a boat crash.  Jetsam is considered abandoned and is the property of the finder, whereas flotsam remains the property of the original owner.   (Thanks, T, for that interesting fact of the day.)

First of all, thank you so much for your kind comments about my post last night.  I will be fine–I just need to work on a few things, namely, intuitive eating.  I’ve always been a “clean your plate” kind of girl, and I would like to reach a point where I am okay with not doing that.

Anyway, today has been a bit of a random day, but I’m a happy camper.  It started out with spectacles!  I wear contacts, but I haven’t had a pair of backup glasses for years.  I like having glasses so I don’t have to shove lenses in my eyes every day and I can take them out at night when my eyes are tired.   Now that I’m traveling, I’d also like to have them for any red-eye flights I may have.   This is the pair I decided on!  I love glasses and think they’re so fun.  They also automatically make me feel at least 20% smarter.  I can’t wait for them to come in in a week!

glasses 002

glasses 004

Reason #23453 why being employed is awesome: vision insurance!  I’m getting nice Calvin Klein glasses, an eye exam, reflective coating and special thin lenses for $200…instead of $600.  I pay about $7 a month for my plan, so it’s definitely worth it, especially considering they’re going to cover my contact refill in January, too.

(Note: the “d” key on my laptop is malfunctioning, so if there are missing d’s in this post I apologize.)

Then we went home and had lunch…watched a little football…and pulled the trigger and bought our wedding bands!

I apologize that there are no pictures.  I asked the saleslady if it was okay to take a picture, and they said no, they prefer not to let people take pictures because the designers get angry if people copy stuff.  Perfectly fine, and when they come in I will post pictures!

T’s ring is a simple yellow gold band, 6 millimeters wide with a slightly rounded surface.  It’s very elegant and classic and he loves it.  It’s perfect for him, since he tends to be a pretty classic guy himself.  It looks pretty much like this:

(Image from Zales.com)

Mine is a white gold ring with round, channel set diamonds about halfway around to match my engagement ring.  The top is cathedral style, which also matches.  Here’s my engagement ring–imagine this basically without the center stone:

ring 005

When they come in in a week or two, I’ll post more pictures of the actual rings!

We are off to a movie and dinner.  Have a great Saturday, everyone!  And look–I’m on Operation Beautiful!


5 Responses

  1. Beautiful rings and your rocking those glasses! I need to order glasses soon.

  2. LOVE the glasses! Very classy looking, and I think you actually look 33% smarter 😉

  3. Pretty ring! I have a bit of a glasses obsession and have 6 pairs since I used to be an optician, but I still wear my contacts daily. Oops!

  4. You look spectacular in glasses. Just FYI.

  5. […] other news, my sexy new glasses are in!  I’m leaving work at 4 today to go pick them up.  T and I have an evening of […]

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