Another fun wedding project

T and I both have big families.  My dad was the oldest of 7 kids and my mom is in the middle of 5, and T’s mom is also the oldest of 7 and his dad has 2 siblings.  Somewhere along the way, I saw a wedding picture where the couple had displayed tons of old family wedding photos with labels.  I thought that was a great idea and would be fun conversation piece for people to check out during the cocktail hour.
T’s mom and dad were visiting this weekend, and she happened to bring me a CD of pictures she’d found and scanned.  She is really into geneaology, so she thought this project was really fun.  I thought she was just going to bring pictures of the aunts and uncles and whatnot, but she REALLY took this seriously and found pictures going WAY back for us.  And obviously, I think they’re awesome and I had to share some of my favorites!

These are T’s great-great grandparents on their wedding day–April 4, 1888.  They got married in Chicago, just like we will be.  Can you believe it?

Christine&Philip Breyer 4.4.1888

These are two pictures of T’s great-grandmother in 1911.   (I’m keeping these pictures large so you can see the incredible details in them!)  I LOVE this wedding gown.

Katherine O'Dowd Dark 11.14.11

Katherine O'Dowd Dark2 11.14.11

Here’s another set of great-grandparents in 1920.

Henrietta&Lawrence Campbell 10-6-1920

Here’s another one of T’s great-grandmothers,working the flapper-style wedding look in 1923.  Doesn’t she look so happy?

Isabella Breyer Dolan 6.30.23

These are T’s grandparents on their wedding day in 1949.  According to his mom, she wore a blue velvet dress instead of the traditional white!  (T’s mom was born on their first anniversary!)

Phyllis-Harry Dark 10.29.49

And finally, look who I found in one of the more recent family wedding photos?

Joan-Ed Harter 7.6.91(2)

That would be T, on the left at age 7, and his brother and our best man, on the right, at age 11.  Precious!

What do you think?  Thumbs up?


7 Responses

  1. What a great idea!!

  2. HUGE thumbs up!

  3. I add another thumbs up!! Lovelovelove this idea!! Also fun to look at the wedding dresses, they’re gorgeous! Funny you should mention the blue one, my mother wore a blue wedding dress too 🙂

  4. thumbs up for sure! 🙂

  5. Those are so incredible. Awesome idea!

  6. Those are the coolest pictures I have ever seen. I adore the first one.

  7. […] made pizza dough, tweezed my eyebrows AND finished the cards to label all the photos on our family wedding photo display.  Now, I’m seriously considering a nap and we’re going to head out to dinner […]

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