6 months to go!

Today is November 8, 2009.  On May 8, 2010, we’re getting married, so by my calculations…that means we have 6 months to go.

Wow.  In less than half a year, I’ll be married!  Scary.

So, this is what we have to do in the next 6 months:

  • Buy wedding bands.  (Next weekend!   Probably.)
  • Print, cut, and assemble the invitations.
  • Mail the invitations!  (We’re probably sending them March 8, so 4 months until invitations go out.  Whoa.)
  • Buy gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  (Any ideas?)
  • Pick out a flower girl dress and order it.
  • Pick up the bridesmaid’s dresses and deliver them to the girls.
  • Set up an account for tuxes for the guys.
  • Book musicians for the ceremony.
  • Book rehearsal dinner site (will probably do this next week–hopefully.)
  • Plan and book the honeymoon.
  • Get my dress altered.
  • Figure out favors.
  • A million more tiny, annoying things that have to be done.

Phew.  That’s a scary list.

Anyway, let me show you exactly how un-glamorous wedding planning is.  See all those little curlicues?  Those are STICKERS, that I had to hand-pick off of 50 sheets of vellum.  Fun Saturday night, y’all!

stickers 001

Wedding planning tip: have a spare room that you are willing to shut the door to and let wedding plans vomit all over it for the year leading up to the wedding.  Like when you need to let 50 inkjet-printed vellum invitations dry:

printingjewelry 002

In slightly more interesting wedding news, I bought wedding jewelry!  The bad news?  I have to return half of it.  I bought this beautiful pair of Eliot Danori earrings off Macy’s website and found a bracelet by the same designer I loved.

printingjewelry 003

But when they came, the pearls on the bracelet were definitely ivory, and the earrings were definitely white.  Normally I wouldn’t care, but this was pretty obvious.  Since my dress is ivory, I’m keeping the bracelet and taking the earrings back hopefully today.  I’m going to look there and see if I find anything else I like, but if not, back to the drawing board.

printingjewelry 004

Someone please tell me the next six months will fly by!  I think this is the part when wedding planning actually gets pretty busy and active, but hopefully fun, too.  My sister and maid of honor just mentioned a bachelorette party in the works for March, so that should be fun!   Eeep!


6 Responses

  1. A good bridesmaid gift idea is jewelry that they’ll wear in the wedding. Since you’re wearing pearls, you may want to consider pearl earrings for them … something they’ll be able to wear for a lifetime. I always think that the guys presents are harder, but a lot of people I know have given out flasks monogrammed with the groomsmen’s initials.

    And yes, the next 6 months will fly by. Don’t worry about all the tiny stuff. Most people won’t notice anyway, so don’t stress about it!!

  2. The 6 months will definitely fly by. I remember that I just at 6 months and now I’m under 5!

  3. I love your jewelry!!! That’s sucky about the colour difference though. I would send it back too.

    I think I would get married just for the bachelorette party 😛

  4. I’m on about the same time table as you; we are to be wed May 31st! I think that our to-do lists are about the same, which makes me feel good because I’ve been engaged a year less than you. 😉 It’ll fly by, don’t worry!

  5. You know, I thought of another good bridesmaid gift. I was in a wedding where the bride wanted all of us to wear our hair up (which I thought was a little bridezilla-ish at the time), but then she gave us all gift certificates to the salon where we were getting our hair done, so we didn’t have to pay much other than tip on the day of the wedding, which was a fantastic surprise!

    • As a general rule, I want to avoid stuff like jewelry to wear with the dress and gift certificates to the hair salon because, well, that’s not really a gift–it’s benefiting MY wedding! I want to get the girls something they’ll be able to use outside of the wedding.

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