Other Weddings I Love #3

Happy Friday?  Who wants more gorgeous weddings to salivate over?  I do!

Danielle’s wedding was last June in New York.  And I knew I had to feature it for two main reasons.

Reason #1: The wheels.  They had not one, but TWO gorgeous antique cars to take pictures in.  I’m insanely jealous.

Reason #2:  the awesomely fun details!

Danielle and her husband are big fans of World of Warcraft.  All their tables were named after locations in WOW, and the table numbers featured their characters, in wedding gear, in those locations.  I love couples who use their interests to bring a personal feel to their wedding!  And how cute is the display, too.

They also had these buckets for the kids at the wedding filled with toys and games to keep them busy during all the boring wedding stuff:

And finally, a happy bride and groom:

(Above photos courtesy of Alberto’s team at Duet Photography)

I love Sarah’s wedding for so many reasons, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say that her hair and makeup and her flowers were my favorite parts!  And all of them are highlighted in this picture:

Peonies!  Pink and ivory peonies!  I get all fluttery when I see her bouquet because I think mine will be pretty similar.

Check out the back of this gorgeous updo.  I wish my hair held a curl, because I’d definitely love something like this!

And, of course, the shoes.  Check out these fabulous purple beauties:

And how cute is this post-reception photo shoot?

(Above photos by Tabitha McCausland)

Thanks for sharing, Danielle and Sarah, and congrats!

Happy weekend, everyone!  (Stay tuned for a wedding related post about our wedding this weekend–I know it’s been awhile!)

2 Responses

  1. I love love love both of these girls!!! Such beautiful weddings. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Brie! You picked out my fave parts of our wedding, too! 🙂

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