Well, I am pleased to announce that yesterday’s 30 minute workout has left me pleasantly sore but not to the point where I can’t move.  Hooray!

And the daily lung report: still miserably wheezy in the morning.  During yoga today, it hurt to take deep breaths.  I’m baffled.

So, one of the things my boss announced to me my first day was that there was a weekly yoga class for faculty and staff on Wednesdays from 4 to 5.  She said that the usual protocol was that people who went would take their lunch at their desk to make up for the lost hour.  Sounds good to me!  So, today I did work yoga.  (Woga?)   All day my yoga mat sat forlornly in my office:

yoga 003

New fitness experiences are a little scary:

yoga 002

There were only three people in the class today.  It was nice to have an instructor’s undivided attention, and the class lasted a little over an hour.  The verdict?  It was relaxing, but not a workout.  I was half the age of the other participants, and while I wasn’t expecting anything vigorous, I was hoping for at least a little challenge.

First we did some joint loosening type things–rolling our ankles around, deep breathing, et cetera.  Then we did some forward bends and some other foldy type stretches, and then modified sun salutations (no plank, no downward dog, just the bends).  We did some very short chair poses and a little bit of Warrior 1 and 2 and Triangle.  The best part, as usual, was final savasana, which lasted about 15 minutes.  I fell asleep!

If the class was free I’d definitely go again, but I found out it’s $15 per class!  While the other women and the instructors were nice, I just can’t bring myself to spend $60/month on a yoga class that doesn’t challenge me even a little bit.  (My gym membership is only $20/month.)  Sad, because I really wanted to like this setup!  I love the idea of work-sponsored fitness, but I wish they had more people interested so they could have different levels of classes.  Oh well!  I’m going to be traveling for work a few Wednesdays this month and next, so I think that will be my excuse if anyone asks why I’m not a regular.  Nonetheless, it was an interesting experience and I feel nice and relaxed and I’ m glad I tried it.

Does your work offer any fitness amenities?  T’s office building has a gym, which I’m insanely jealous of.


5 Responses

  1. Um, my office sucks. It doesn’t offer anything. At all. I don’t even have heatlh insurance or anything. They are a bunch of tightwads.

  2. Haha, i love that pic of you!

    Yeah, I’ve been to a few lame yoga classes like that. I don’t do it for the workout, but it’s nice to at least do a few challenging poses and feel accomplished at the end.

    I work at a rock radio station where people never have to see the general public. Their outfits are barely a step above sweat suits, and beer and pizza are staples in the break room. So yeah. No fitness happening there!

  3. We technically have a gym in the basement at work, but it’s pretty bleak – it’s in a bomb shelter room, with no windows, and oooold equipment.

    That said, there are a lot of free weights, and one sad-looking treadmill, and rarely ever any people there after work, so I really should give it a try again.

    I went once last week, and it was just a bit awkward, because it was just me, and a man from a different department. I get a bit uncomfortable working out in front of others – one thing is with just “everyone” at the gym, but if it’s just one other person in the room – esp. someone I semi know…. Awkward.

  4. Dammit come to Baltimore and I’ll take you to Bikram with me. That will kick your ass!!

  5. Too bad the class wasn’t challenging. I get a free membership at the rec centers in my city bc of where I work. One rec center is right across from my office building. I love that it’s free and the gyms they have are super nice.

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